The Basement

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A normal Halloween night, but what could Mrs. Newman be up to in her basement?
This is my animation for the final round of the Newgrounds Summer Jams. I participated in 3 of the rounds and they were lots of fun! This last entry was a bit rushed which is why there is basically no lip sync but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

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I liked this. The humor was random but I found it funny because I actually do like random humor and it did work with the characters. I liked that Frankenstein's monster guy line at the start about how he was lying. The chubby pirate guy's derpy faces were also funny and that subversion of expectations with her scolding them was great. However, I think she should have scolded them a bit more though, she really just said one thing. And she should have given them the candy, for extra shock and to give satisfying conclusion to the conversation. This way we have no idea what happens with them. Though I guess that way we wouldn't know either, since the character really doesn't act like an evil witch. It's probably all a facade though, so her giving them the candy pretending to be a nice person would work and it would show she's trying to poison them or just weird them out. This way, she just sorta stops talking and drifts off. Also, now that I've read your description, the lack of lip syncing bothers me a little. The animation overall was pretty nice though.
Overall it's an entertaining entry for the jam, though it could have been better. This was most likely due to you having to rush it. Keep it up!

snailpirate responds:

Thanks for the review dude! Glad you liked it for the most part, I do admit some of the voices weren't too great because I'm a shit voice actor and my family was in the other room so I didn't want to be too loud. If I had a bit more time (since I still have school) I def would have lip synced all of this. Also your idea for an ending is much better than what I did lol.

Pretty swell work done on this

Pretty funny. I liked the animation style. A couple things to work on. The voice acting quality. There doesn't seem to be a lot of emotion in this. Also the mouths don't move all the time. I understand why you might've not added that but trust me it makes a more smooth animation. Good style you got there

good work!
I can see room for improvement animation-wise, maybe add detail to the backgrounds.
The plot is solid even if the ending is abrupt.

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3.02 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2018
3:51 PM EDT
Comedy - Original