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What's In the Basement? (Part 1)

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You can watch me work on PART 2 on https://youtube.com/c/totallygoodatgames/live !

Part 1 is here! A lot of effort was put into this project from its small team. But due to the time constraints of the Animation Summer Jam deadline, this cartoon had to be split into two parts. Part 2 will come out soon!



||| Charlie Neider
||| Alex Emenheiser

Animation & Background Art
||| Alex Emenheiser

Additional Art
||| Charlie Neider

Voice Acting
||| Charlie Neider as Dough Boy
||| Matt Starette as Dad

Sound Effects Mixing
||| Alex Emenheiser
||| Brad Jordan


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Awwwwwwww...... I really love this cartoon....... I'm just really sad it's not the full cartoon. The ending came off erupt and I would rather wait for the full thing to be done then a two parter...

Any ways tho, this was awesome and nice work. So looking forward to part 2

ade-syndicate responds:

Thank you! Part 2 has been nearly finished for probably over a year now. I just need to get over whatever insecurities that are preventing me from getting off my ass and completing it. If everything goes according to plan, this Friday the 13th I'll stream finishing it on my second YT channel. I have off that day, so if it takes me all day to complete it, so be it!

https://youtube.com/c/totallygoodatgames If you're interested.

The ending wasn't very satisfying, but otherwise a fun watch! The animation is nice and I like the voice acting. Dough Boy's cute responses were...well...cute. I really liked dad and his talk of obedience and his insistence on Dough Boy staying away from the basement. The fact that he's wearing pink slippers just makes it infinitely better. I feel like you didn't need to have both the scream and him getting ready for the run before he starts running down the stairs. It takes away from the momentum.
Overall, it was fun, but way too short. I hope we get to see part 2 soon.

I love the voice acting!!

ade-syndicate responds:

Charlie and Matt did a fantastic job with the voices! GO CHECK EM OUT!!

Yeah I know that feeling! lol

This was pretty amusing and kind of adorable!

ade-syndicate responds:

Thank you! Part 2 is in the process of being made!

that dad run was real scary thing.

ade-syndicate responds: