The Platypus Duck Reanimate

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Wak, wak, wak! A re-imagining of the Tom Ruegger-penned "13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo" episode, featuring his student film character "Platypus Duck!"

Organized and edited by Nobaddy and ibcf.
Brought to you by the World Animation Discord - discord.gg/nAMqZH5

ORIGINAL - https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6d13xu
TOM RUEGGER'S STUDENT FILM - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMaqBXTcIx0

David Dushey - https://twitter.com/Fungasm
Spiggy - https://twitter.com/spiggygee
Xtremer$adiq - https://twitter.com/XtremerSadiq
Edmund - https://twitter.com/EdmundBorb
ibcf - https://twitter.com/_ibcf_
Charles Brubaker - https://twitter.com/bakertoons
DeDeur - https://twitter.com/NateDeDeur
Hayden - https://twitter.com/CigNose
Frigment - https://twitter.com/Frigment1
Katya Granger - https://twitter.com/PuffyArtist
Steven Ostuni - https://stevenostuni.weebly.com/
Comica - https://twitter.com/ComicaDreams
PegasuTV - https://twitter.com/PegasuTV
Adrian Dalen - http://adriandal.blogspot.com
Vincent Alexander - https://twitter.com/NonsenseIsland
Nobaddy - https://twitter.com/N0baddy
Nicole Ham - https://twitter.com/thenicoleham
Tibbs - https://twitter.com/Tibby_H
Whyx3 - https://twitter.com/WHY_WHY_WHYx3
Christian McCord - https://twitter.com/MasterDonut_
Natalie Redden - https://twitter.com/tempurmental
Alexa Carroll - https://twitter.com/NightlyComet
Lorenzo Estrada - https://twitter.com/Lozoescartoons
Slam Grene - https://twitter.com/SlamGrene
Nicholas Walstrom - https://twitter.com/NAveryW
Matthew Shoemaker - https://twitter.com/ShoeShriner
Busterbeam - https://twitter.com/AshitaNoFrog
Pikapetey - https://twitter.com/PeterJCasaey
Noah Segura - https://twitter.com/SolotheYoloRolo
Stolzenlowen - https://twitter.com/stolzenlowen
Shiruken - https://twitter.com/shiiruken
Ivan Boivin - https://www.youtube.com/user/gotimeyo
Myuacc1 - https://twitter.com/myuacc2

THE PLATYPUS ROTOSCOPE PROJECT (1:43) CREDITS: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15MRK9vEHgtm5Bq5279mt4_trva-4MCn3qQm0zPfhkIY/edit#gid=0

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A tad choppy, but good job


Another truly massive reanimation! :D And of a Scooby Doo ep no less! Brings me back, though it must've been a while because I barely remember the main guest character here at all... also this was surprisingly short hmm, elaborate a collab as it was I wasn't expecting the credits to take up more than a fourth of the total length. Great work all though! Some really creative bits in the mix too, and the credits were something else too. XD


Love how it turned out!

Every single slot of animation looks cool!

It was really fun making a frame for the rotoscope part.

Sorry fellas. Some of the scenes were pretty great on their own but...I dunno, a good collab this does not make, I'd say. It was a little TOO varied and random. Some of the styles were so vastly different it was hard to make much of what I was seeing. This is not the case usually. Perhaps it was just moving too fast and that made it a bit more problematic than most. Maybe next time.

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3.80 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2018
12:43 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody