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Protect the DOJO

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Rival dojos are sending mercenaries on us. You need to protect our dojo and precious papers from attackers in this upgrade – fighting type of game.

We have 5 type of fighters.

-Simple Fighter: Has nothing extra.

-Boxer: Boxer’s special attack stuns his target for 2 seconds (if the target doesn’t block)

-Kick-boxer: Has %10 critic chance. Critic attack doubles the damage. If special attack and critic occurs at the same time, deals 4x damage.

-Karate Guy: Special attacks deal 3x damage (other fighters 2x)

-Swordsman: Swordsman’s special attack can’t be blocked.

All fighters special attack deals 2x damage. Special attack also throws the target away (except boxer)

Enemy has 5 different fighter too. 3 of them has nothing extra. Other 2 fighters are robot and clone maker

Robot: Casts a shield when got hit. Shield lasts until his stamina ends.

Clone Maker: Has %10 chance to make a clone when got hit.

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Its not a bad premise. Tower defense game with the idle RPG format using the idea of protecting a dojo. Seems cool. Though I kind of a wish there was more to it with its progression system and some more interesting backgrounds wouldn't hurt.

Welp, it has a good Tower Defence premise, but it came out short, as it was kinda mediocre and kinda boring.
Positive sides:
1.Soundtrack was good
2.Edited Dragon Ball Z sprites made me chuckle(Oh look, It's Golden F**kin' Friezah! OMG! XD)
Negative sides:
1.Same repetative gameplay
2.Unit progression makes no sense(Swordmaster, the highest unit, while fully upgraded, still gets his ass kicked around by the most basic of bitches? DAFUQ?!)
3.No scroll loss penalty.(I already lost 21, isn't that supposed to be a Game Over already?)
4.False advertisement. This is not a Fighting game. Or Brawler game. This is Tower Defence/ Strategy/Real-time, like "MASTERMIND: WORLD CONQUEROR".

In the spirit of trying to present useful critique this game has potential BUT the current iteration is pretty lame. I will break this down into the high points and low points of this game.

The High Points:
*It is a fairly light game not requiring a lot of 'thinking' to play it.
*It has a fairly easy learning curve to get the idea of game play.
*It is a great idea and has a certain "Kung Fu" theater feel to it as well as feeling like an Arcade game.
*It has elements of other games that makes understanding the concepts of the game easier such as upgrading and character building.

But now for the low points:
*Unbalanced and overly simplified and restricted character growth.
*Boring by Level 30. By this point you are resorting to button mashing to defeat the 'enemy.'
*No recovery of scrolls removed from the Dojo even if the thieves are beaten down.
*LAME character recovery. The attrition of player characters is way out of touch.
*Enemy power becomes ultimately overwhelming so all the player can do is click like mad hoping 'meat wave' the enemy to do enough damage to slow the enemy down enough to prevent them from just marching into the Dojo (Again level 30).
*Linear sense of economics. Income is fixed to time and upgrade. It lacks in ways to affect that number such as character leveling also affecting income through former student Notoriety (except for the 'advertising' upgrade).
*NONE of the students can attain "Boss Level" power or status.
*Game play is more akin to feeding cannon fodder to a war (keep sending meat into the slaughter). Again it is more a button clicker over a game requiring some modicum of thinking to play. By level 30 the thinking part dissolves to just mashing buttons to survive.
*WORST OF ALL THIS GAME FEELS UTTERLY POINTLESS! Defending scrolls is one thing but what is the ultimate point of a Dojo? To train Masters of martial arts! Not send hopeless meat into a perpetual slaughter.

My suggestions are to first of all do SOMETHING about the characters leveling up. When a student survives to the point of becoming a master an accumulation of masters should lead into some "climatic battle" (Boss battle) or tally up to a victory achievement by managing to teach a certain amount of Masters and sending them into the world. A conditional to preventing Masters from just being farted out once they make master level they must survive 5 battles defending the scrolls before being given the chance to leave the Dojo (also boosting income with the notoriety of having taught a master) or staying to help boost defensive strength of the Dojo loosing the income bonus. However there should be a limit to the time a master is allowed to stay as well when they will be forced to leave the Dojo.

Also the limited number of students against a growing and more powerful force of assailants also is another pet annoyance. The way characters are recruited is way too basic to be realistic. No Dojo teaches six different forms of martial arts. There are variations in Arts like Kung Fu where they have styles. In this case there are basics to understand. I would suggest there is the lowest class of fighter, the Basic Fighter. They can fight but they have no special abilities or capabilities. As they level up they gain HP and DP as well as speed and endurance. When they master Basic Fighting they move up to Boxing where they can begin to train under a Boxing Master (Once hired and equipped). From there as they level up their HP and DP get more added to them as well as gaining a 'special ability.' Paying for specialized training also can add HP or DP or even toss in a second special ability. When that player makes it to Boxing master then they advance to Kick Fighting and as such gain a specific ability to a basic kick fighter added to that charachter's abilities but again with money the characters can add HP, DP, or again gain another special ability. Once a student masters all five houses of fighting; Basic>Boxing>Kick Fighting>Karate>Weapons then that student becomes a master. When that student survives five fights they either have the option to stay and defend the Dojo for a limited number of fights or they go out into the world to start their own Dojo.

There has to be a victory condition unless I am missing something here. In this there can be at least two victory conditions, the Dojo sends so many Masters into the world or mass up a horde of students and pay the other Dojo (Dojos) a visit and knock heads in epic Boss Battles.

Another thing I would also suggest is the students have a capacity to learn things surviving fights with opposing Dojos. They should be able to learn from their enemies and things like the enemy's special attacks (short of anything involving robots or technology). The enemy Dojo (Dojos) should have special abilities the Defending Dojo does not have. Everyone has their special 'tricks' in Marital arts.

Also Character recovery. Wounded players should have the ability to heal or be healed even if they are taken off field for a time. The attrition of this game is very unrealistic. I know these ideas add details in the assembly of the game but sometimes cutting corners just leaves one with a badly executed project over one that makes people rave for more. This game is a great basic idea that needs more to make it viable and stimulating to the player. Being that this is my personal opinion being spoken here by level 30 I'm done with the game in that it has degenerated into a pointless button masher mess that just leaves me wanting. I feel there is a lot of room to improve this game.

One final suggestion is also being able to chose an offensive strategy such as student pair up, gang up, or go head to head with enemy fighters ESPECIALLY when there are masters involved in the dojo's defense. There also should be a way to single out targets for group attacks on to focus their efforts on more lethal enemies. This also can play into a strategy where your basic Fighters can be used to muck up the lower level enemy fighters while the master and select student classes can gang up on enemy characters that are tougher, enemy Masters, or bosses.

I gave it two stars because there is something here but it needs more.

Didn't really like it. This game doesn't go far from similar games, nothing makes it *that* original. I appreciate the effort, but can see no innovation here. Still, a great exercise for the creator.

Credits & Info

3.41 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2018
10:08 AM EDT