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This game is hard and it is a challenge worth conquering.

version 1.2
//Double jump added
//Cooler Menu

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I like the idea, and I like how the game works. But the controls can be fixed. If space was jump, and jumps were shorter and lower, I'm sure this game could get a better rating

Edit: I like the new jump mechanic, I updated my rating. I still like the game, and I like how difficult it is

Yodamies responds:

Working with the controls at the moment.
Thanks for the response :)

What I have to criticize the most are the controls, they're just not responsive, I press the space bar or the arrow keys and it takes ages for the character to do something, also the jumping is too high and too slow, another thing is the UI, there isn't a pause button or anything like that, and the main menu could use some love. Other than all that, the game has potential to become quite something, I found the character art very creative and the animations were quite good (despite that response time part), also the music is pretty decent, good work over all, keep it up!

Yodamies responds:

I'm working with the controls like the double jump and the animations to make it smoother and more responsive. There is a pause button that is escape but I noticed it also leaves the full screen mode so I'm going to change it to like P or something. And yea I know the main menu is horrible. :D
Thanks for responding :)

Good, but definitely not going to be a top pick. Would definitely rate 4 stars if there were some improved character animations and checkpoints added.

Yodamies responds:

I'm not a good animation or art maker as you see :D so maybe I can improve the animations to be smoother and without the checkpoints in my opinion it makes the game harder.
Thank you for responding :)

It's mediocre game, but it's a good amateur project. I don't like the forced high jump, and maps are kinda wonky in a way that you never know if you shouldn't wait a little before jumping onto the next platform, because there may be enemy approaching - you're just never sure. Fighting system isn't really satisfactory, but it's much better than just killing the enemies with one strike.
I think you should keep on making games and hone your skills.

Yodamies responds:

I'm working with the camera to make it so that you can see better around you.
Thanks for the response :)

Not bad at all. The animations are cute and I like the minimalist style. As for the rest, I'd say it's not to my taste:
The level design is what makes this game difficult. There's fun-hard and tedious-hard... and this one is tedious for me. Restarting a level because I fell on a saw I couldn't see is not fun for me. (eg: I jumped to the right not knowing if there was even a platform or not, this to fall on a saw.)
I generally like high jumps but here, it's a bit too high: we even can't see the ground.
Maybe zooming out would resolve these issues?

Keys: I think there's no need of 2 different keys to pick up and shoot, why not simply pick up automatically? Also, I would suggest to avoid all system keys (Ctrl, Alt, Shift) as they can often already be custom assigned.

But props for trying to create something original in the limits of a platformer, and I assume all from scratch!

EDIT AFTER REPLY: Wow, that was fast! Much much better now. GJ & thanks! :)

Yodamies responds:

This was my first game and the camera issue I didn't notice, but now I do and I'm going to fix it right away and for the spell pick up I had some issues that when it was automatic the spell would sometimes pick-up twice and I solved that problem but forgot to put that automatic back.
Thank you for your response, it was very helpful :)

Credits & Info

2.64 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2018
10:12 AM EDT