Escape Earth

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Use the arrow keys to move around;

Avoid the mines and scanners, and don't let your digger overheat or run out of fuel;

Water cools you down, and oil adds fuel;

Get to the top to escape the planet!

Even when idling, your digger spends fuel, but it also cools the digger down.

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I really enjoyed it. I was easy, but replaying it didn't always yield the same results, so it's a fun little 2 minute time waster.

CrazyRaccoonGames responds:

Yup, the level generator is completely random, except of course for a batch at the bottom which is all earth, and the edges which are stone. This is good and bad, because there's no way to control whether all levels are gonna be possible and not too easy, but it works, I guess.

First off, this was way to easy and to short. I beat it under a minute, while not being close to overheating or running out of fuel.

nice concept nice music

CrazyRaccoonGames responds:

Yup, the idea has potential, it just need some more working on it and some more love, specially when it comes to music and art. Thanks for the review!

It's a really fun game, but there should be more progress than just getting to the top and then just winning the game entirely.

CrazyRaccoonGames responds:

Yeah, you're right, it's a pretty simple game, but thanks for the review mate!

Nice concept for a game but a few tweaks are needed. This could be a good level based game where it starts off easy and gets harder as the game levels go up. The overheating goes up a bit too fast making it impossible to get oil without suffering the consequences of overheating. That being said, that mechanic is a bit pointless because you can hail mary to the top without overheating or running out of oil so you could extend the height you have to reach and make the oil spots a little more rewarding. Just some ideas!

CrazyRaccoonGames responds:

Yeah you're most likely right, it's a good exercise to release the bad stuff and get good reviews like this one, practice makes perfect, and I'm learning more as I go. Thanks for the review!

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2.79 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2018
9:26 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other