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Witch Trials

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Arrows : Move

Up Arrow : Jump

X : Shoot

Long ago in a town named Puriton a Witch named Sal and his lover were taken from there home and convicted of witchcraft! But instead of a normal execution the witch must climb the ruins of a tall, goop engulfed, swarmed with monsters tower to find a long forgotten key or watch the love of his life be drowned in a cage in the towns pond. Do you have what it takes?

Witch Trials is a short but sweet run and gun esc game, with level layouts inspired by kid icarus for the NES and the controls inspired by bubble bobble your sure to have a fun adventure as you battle swarms of goop monsters, Spiders and snakes made of bones! This game was made in a span of about 2 months which is part of my own personal "re-branding" (AKA, me wanting to make more high quality games no matter the length and not needing to rush myself to finish them.)

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virtual boy?

I like the concept, and the idea, but my biggest complaint is how it's not consistent for lack of a better word. It's very annoying that in order to get upgrades, you need coins, to get coins you need to kill enemies, or destroy a shiny block. Now, that's a cool idea, but enemies don't always drop coins. Sometimes they drop none, or one, or two. Sometimes the coins fly off in a bad direction, and you lose them. And with a constant death wave coming, this makes gaining coins, a hassle. Enemies should have a set coin drop, and not just be random. Not to mention, if you die, you lose all coins. Now, that would be fine for me, If I was playing on Hard. Even on normal, I lose all my coins when I die. No way of storing them either at the checkpoints, so might as well buy whatever upgrades you can afford, whether then risk the coins. Have 8 coins, and want to save up for more damage? Welp, better not die at all next level. Again, on Hard, I'd be fine with losing all coins. But on Normal? Maybe lose half your coins.

All in All, other then it being inconsistent, which ends up adding luck to the game, when I think it would be better off as pure skill, a good game. But it has some flaws.

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There were a handful of grammar issues. I only point that out because you want to make "high quality" games. I think you have a lot of potential!

compared to GAPPY i prefer this one, i like the mechanic of skill of a player comes into play, a shop allowing gold farming and improving through choice s a fun way to build a game, that way is fun, what is not fun is timing small gaps with no control, the constant timer ticking down is okay as long as the player FEELS in control, if not then the player has more reason to blame the game for its lack of control. I know i didn't explain it well enough in my review of GAPPY, what i was trying to say was that the "main game mechanic" arbitrarily made the game harder for no reason but to give the game its meaning, it does nothing to provide a well experience and it's sad to me that this game got a worse score than GAPPY due to sarcastic 5 stars instead of players actually putting their emotions, GAPPY has no technical issues and is well made, but what was made wasnt anything to really write home, you should also try putting story or a reasoning to push the character to do anything instead of like gappy where it was just jumping.