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c/o Flap Jackson

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A mysterious delivery disrupts Flap Jackson's regular TV viewing. Made in 2008

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this looks so great!
this stop motion is better then what i can do
i like to know what stop motion software you use?

JWLustig responds:

Thank you!
I used Frame Thief for this, although some of it was shot in-camera

"Flap, never keep a pen in yoour back pocket. Because when you sit down..."

This is really impressive, he animation is detailed and fluid, so much that it is easy to forget that this was made frame by frame, moving a little bit at a time. Just imagining the amount of work that was put into it makes me apreciate this piece. The choice of music was also really good, goes along very well.

It was also interesting to see how you didn't try to make it shorter. It is not uncommon to see some stop-motion animations get parts of their script cut out, scenes made simpler, etc. Just due to how much work it is to make. But not here, you've added a lot to the plot, scenes made as complex as they were meant to be. A lot of dedication was put here.

The script is also very nice, it is entertaining, captivating, suspenseful but still lightweighted. It is interesting to see the differences between the two characters, Flap is quiet and observant, while his uncle likes to talk and has some strange manners. I enjoyed seeing how the differences between them drove the plot.

Overall, a great piece of hard and dedicated work. One that, as is usual for stop motion animation, is undervalued (but this shines even amongst other stop-motion animations).

JWLustig responds:

Thanks so much for the in-depth review! Glad you enjoyed.
The original cut was even longer!

Exceptional work was done to these sets, props, wardrobe and characters. The environment and lighting were superb! Really impressive work, and inspiring that claymation / stop-motion animation is still going strong here on NG. Knox, eat yer heart out.

What were some challenges you encountered when making this short? I would love to hear, read, or watch the process to make this piece. Easy five from me, this was so cool and well done.

JWLustig responds:

Thank you! The greatest challenges were probably the set and puppet making. And setting up that long scene between Flap and Charlie knowing I'd be animating for like 3 days, securing everything down and praying I wouldn't screw up. Part of the reason I do 2D animation instead these days!

The dark undertone is amazing. The stop-motion is nice. The narrator is amazing. This is heaven to anyone with a dark sense of humor.

JWLustig responds:

Thank you!

Very good atmosphere. Kept me watching until the end.

Credits & Info

3.68 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2018
12:11 PM EDT

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