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I use paint tool sai for everything what are you expecting

A thing I was supposed to make for April Fools, then delayed it to May. However, I had to deal with a loss very dear to me, so this little ditty was halted altogether until I picked it up again recently just to get it off my list.

It's not much, but I'm dedicating this to my younger brother, with whom I love very much. He is marked with a *.

Happy Madness Day, guys.

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dis is frkin' kool

can you make a part 2

i haven't been around long enough to catch all the ref/ jokes but good damn does this give me old/golden age of the internet vibes for some reason. makes me nostalgic. like when your favorite game as a kid gets remastered and all thos memories come flooding back.

What is happening now in nutshell :]

I gave it a haft