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Reviews for "Madness: REIMAGINATION"

I...ehm....This is actually kinda beautiful. it's suprising. thank you, this is great.

Good animation, but too short.

Thank you, It's beautiful.

I like these sorts of alternate style reimaginings. This was pretty short, and I didn't know some of the fan characters, but the music was nice and the more serious style added some epicness to the madness story. I especially liked the shot with The Savior where it transitions from MC2 to MC8 or whatever. I liked your use of colors to make things more exciting as well. There wasn't much animation, but the animation that was there was pretty good. I get why you couldn't have more animation though, you were making this on and off. Overall, this was a pretty cool little tribute though I wish it ended a bit less abruptly and it was longer

Although the art is nice, this lacks any real drive or goal. I originally thought that this would act as a type of "Introduction" into the GP Madness universe, yet it doesn't really do that at all. This could be reworked into something of the sort, but until then these are just some nice visuals without any real meat.

Cymbourine responds:

Never intended for this to be beefy or anything grande from the start, so soz if you misinterpreted that this whole time. Maybe in the future I’ll flair it up to be a video of the music variety, but we’ll see what happens. Thanks!