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Madness: Sierra Nevada DE

September 21, 2018 –
November 12, 2019
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Madness:Sierra Nevada is a top-down action shooter inspired by Madness Combat and Hotline Miami. All you do there is killing everything that, but when you get killed you have to restart from the beginning
/* Controls */
WASD (ZQSD if AZERTY enabled) - to move the character
Right Mouse Button - Pick up / Throw weapon
Left Mouse Button - Fire
Left Shift - Look further
Space - Finish the enemy (If stunned)
Update 1.0.1:
-Now medals will be displayed in your profile.

Btw, I have my own Discord server: https://discord.gg/YACzUQ5



madness x hotline miami = l i t f a m


There is a bonus spot!!
When you press W+Ctrl in the setting,
Then you go to secret level!!

<deleted> responds:

Wow, finally somebody found a secret level

god job men this game is very good

this game is godly keep up the good work man

This would be very cool if it was a rougelike!


i love it so much.Please make a full version

The game doesn't really have the animation that isn't clunky but at least it's amazing.

Excellent game! Spot on sprites for weapons and the environment, the art blends quite well. There is a lot of attention to detail with gore and other effects too. Although, it seems ℎ𝑒𝑎𝑣𝑖𝑙𝑦 inspired by Hotline Miami, still very enjoyable with pretty good replay-ability.

really really really fun game the zombies where the hardest for me

Great game. Please make more right now.

Awesome! But too much things from hotline miami

its something similar to hotline miami and i love it!
i cant wait to see the campain!
(add spanish language)

good game

Awesome and fun. Very well made.

wow I really liked it,I want to see more of this game

WOAH!! Hotline Miami and Madness?!


This is fucking amazing

It's well made but seriously... the weapons, the view control, the ennemies pathfinding, everything BUT the artstyle and the sprites are taken from HOTLINE MIAMI! Common!

this is what a miracle looks like

Very gory.I LOVE IT.

2 of my most favorite series' combined. Nice. Make the full thing please.

Finnish the game and saying End of Demo.

*Me starting destory keyboard beauces i want more*

Its a piece of art

Neat demo

Hotline Miami + Madness combat is just simply amazing


as a fan of Hotline Miami, i absolutely how smooth the gameplay is and how gory (and again smoothly) the animations are.My main issue is the fact that all melee weapons seem to have the same swing time (hotline Miami's melee weapons always had different swing time for different melee weapons),how abit delayed some attacks are aswell (Rather than pressing mouse1 when in melee range with an enemy and knocking them out instantly like hm1 and hm2 you have to mouse1 before getting within melee range to knock themout afterwards).There's also the fact that i dont believe a gray and gritty style suits hotline miami's gameplay-esque style (for example here you can see how much everything sticks out from each other https://i.ytimg.com/vi/5L59zhEKTTc/maxresdefault.jpg The dead bodies,the player,scoreboard,etc) considering it is the madness series merged with hotline miami i'd say choose some warmer and darker colors to differentiate more stuff from each other IE:Brown and red,grey and white (Rather than hotline miami's colorfull more cooler colors such as blue and yellow,green and purple etc)On a good note i do love the attention to detail (walking on blood gives you either red,yellow or both foot prints).How much Thugs stick out from enemies with their fucked up heads and how powerful and beefy the weapons sound.The level design seemed top notch and actually bearable to play with very well designed enemy placement (compared to hm2's horrid map design with enemies spammed in every corner).The executions (although there is none for weapons and is somewhat glitched) are very close to those of hotline miami's and i'd say are animated even better.Sound design is close to hotline miami's which is again good (BEEFY GUN SOUNDS FTW 8)).And well for what it is i'd say you pulled off a wonderful execution (pun not intended).And i hope to see more in the future

EDIT:Forgot to say you need to make some volume sliders for obvious reason's

wow , such good hotline miami controls , would like to see hard levels in campaign



ouch ouch ouch mode on madness lol i eat eat eat

everything hurts

should add the option to switch to arrow key control.

good but I'm a noob so it's kinda difficult


pretty good but has some glitches

Best 8 Bit game to exist!!!

c-c-c-combo breaker!

That's a real game i would play. All i got to say is that you guys made a really good job!


It's a bit buggy but its still a great demo! I will totally play the full game once its released!

nice game

i like it

excelent! the speed fit perfectly with me

Complete Version, Complete Version, Complete Version!!

luv it, cant wait for full version :)

really cool

Enjoying it ! addicting, and hard game ! RECOMENND IT !

its Very Fun,Is very well made,the music is pretty cool and the art work is very good,
Its a great game.

the best game i play :D

Exciting and fun.

I am a big fan of hotline miami and madness combat and this game seemed like a wonderful combination I would like to see a complete campaign

you know, i dont remeber that "la sierra nevada de santa marta" looked like this before.

chiki bkakkakkakkakaka

it has that SICKO MODE VIBE

Very good game.

why slow loadings

le jeu final il sera free?

Game is great love the mechanics and the retro feel but one thing i hate is the doors, going in rooms ruined most of the runs for me :p


Made the full game FOR FREE

Shit, my two favorite things combine: Hotline Miami + Madness Combat.


good game

You should add different masks that you could put on with special abilities. Hank mask could make you faster while Sanford mask spawns you with a grappling hook. We need to see this done someday and I'll be sitting back waiting for this.

Hotline miami + Madness = amazing!


i didn't played orginal hot line miami but afther playing this i want to buy it and play it right know

May be my first time seeing a madness type thing but, i still love this nonetheless!

hotline miami: madness version

love it but it would be better if the screen was more bigger so you could have more space even though great game loved it can wait for the campaign!

Don't use guns
Except for the zombies

Holy shit! This has amazing potential!
Noticed a slight glitch, sometimes enemies run into a room right towards some gibbed guy on the ground before they notice you and attack. Very minor, but someone with lots of skill (unlike me) could probably abuse that for easier combos
Overall, fuckin sick game dude! Looking forward to seeing more!

fun game but it gets easy very after 15 min


way to hard, but good.

so much fun

I did it, I've beaten the demo w/ all the achievements.
It felt really good finally getting them.

Damn son this game is lit

<deleted> responds:

Nope it is not


great game

smooth moving
gameplay its fantastic
fast beggining,etc

too fast.

It is fun and hard, took me a while to master it, but it paid off. Fun game, cant wait for campaign.

So funnnn e enyoined it!!!!!!!!! Feeling the badass moment its freaking goodddddddd SWADYFWES


puts 20x blood

''Now they're really going to be healthy..''

Make a real Madness mod for Hotline Miami

i loved it very good really hyped about the campaign

new hotline miami

Very cool game

Sweet Carnage...


God, I love this game so much. I come back to it everyday, I hope you guys are still working on the game, if so I can't wait for the full game!

holy "Frick" what a great game

hey great game. when does the full version go up?

Is laggy but great game

One of best games on newgrounds

won't load

Personally, as a hotline Miami fan and madness combat fan seeing this like a dream.
In my own opinion it's very enjoyable and i hope it gets completed.


This game is beatiful!


movement is terrible I cant pick up weapons attacking is basically broken (Sorry for being kinda rude but take in that I am not using a mouse right now )

não consigo andar para frente, que maravilha

best game ever pls make full fersion

LOVE IT, its like hotline


CryNN responds:

Probably you have slow PC
The game runs perfectly.

its very nice good djob

Good controls, satisfactory and bloody, as required by the theme of the game itself. I was very pleased with the interactions with weapons and the possibility of executing the enemy while on the ground. Very good idea, I hope that the release of the full version was soon.

How could this game take my whole day to play? I recommend it :F

Best game! And very hard! After I completed, I don't feeling my hands, 33 enemies after you completed and do it again and again, its going very easy and easier waiting full version, and nice work

i'd like to leave 5 stars but i have (at the time of typing) not played the full version. The concept is there. Animations are quick, brutal, and satisfying, the music (in my opinion) needs tweaking but overall, i enjoyed myself while playing this. Keep up the good work man, you got something here, keep the ball rolling. (EDIT: i forgot to add this for those wondering, my highest score is: 31450 Pts)

Kinda bad Hotline Miami clone.

hard af

posiable ripoff

To win i just take the pistol clear out the rooms to the right and take the machine gun in there then i go into the room on the left fire a shot and run back into the room i was previously in then i mow them down when they walk through the door i then run into the room with the abominations and then fire at them and run to the machine gun in there then i mow down the abominations and proceed to clear the rest of the building

・Unique Theme. (Hotline Miami-like game that Uses Madness Combat Characters.)
・Music is good.
・Pixel Arts are good.
・Animations Are well Made.

Note: Press "Esc" Key to Go back Title Screen. (When You're in Credits Page.)

<deleted> responds:

What about cons?

good game, easiest way to win is to get the katana and just spam mouse till the enemies come close to kill themselves then later get the machine gun and kill the abominations.

At first it was kinda hard, i didn't know where the enemies where and also their patterns i actually thought it was kinda unfair that they were so fast.

BUT when i actually started to understand (and i dont know if this is an exploit) i got to trick the ai and to literally clean a room with just hank's hands (obviously i had to grab a weapon to actually kill them).

I think there are two ways of playing this game "Passive/betaGAMER" (hide and seek fashon) or "Agressive/AlfaGamer" (Actual madness way). Amazing game 10/10.


Pretty solid, it took a lot of effort to focus each of my attacks to be as effective as possible, due to the instant-death feature.

even if this is only a demo it is very good i would reccomed this to anyone who like action games
i cant wait until the final version

very cool, the executions the graphics, the movement, the weapons,the characters are all great and the background is very good

Madness? More like Madness Miami, Am i right? Seriously tho this game reminds me of Hotline Miami.

I wait for the campaign mode ... hope soon

Love this so much!! Very fun

Amazing! This feels like I'm playing Hotline Miami 1 & 2 all over again! Can't wait to see how good the full version will be.

Do not press Ctrl and w it exits the game.

great fun game also a good time killer

it won't let me pick up stuff

<deleted> responds:

Why can't you just read the description? You're falling in my eyes, man.

how do i play campagne mode

<deleted> responds:

Press Ctrl+W

If only someone would combine madness combat, Hotline Miami and Max Payne together it would be the best game of 2019 or 2020

Really good and great game, took me a while to get through that but was worth it!

That was fun and fast paced.

Freaking awesome! This is actually great idea combine HM and Madness, and...
Damn! That was really awesome. Keep it up, you did great work and I'm excited for the full release

This game is two of the things I love combined. Hotline and Madness are amazing and i'm so glad I stumbled on this. Keep up the great work!

Great game just kind of don't like the perma death thing.

The game not works and i click to play and the page reload with no ctrl+R a hotkey to reload the page.

<deleted> responds:

Well haven't heard this problem before. Try using different browser

The game is great, it reminds me so much of Hotline Miami, and thats the point. Its fun and difficult and the game makes it so you have to think about your movements, and attack at the right time and not run in guns-a-blazin.

why do the bodies disappear? besides that awesome game

<deleted> responds:

It was caused by LDM (Low Detail Mode) which makes blood and bodies disappear after a second. Anyway it's disabled by default and I have no idea why the game enabled it.

I like the hotline Miami style but needs better wasd controls they aren't precise enough one button press takes you too far :edit the game also isn't giving me my medals

i like the hotline miami add to it,makes it soooooo much FUN!

Used to play dis alot in my childhood

This is probably one of the most unique game I've played from the Madness games. It's kind of a challenge (especially when you get instantly killed), but overall I loved it. I grew up playing with a lot of the Madness games before and you guys nailed it really well with this one! :D

very fun and enjoyable game and I'm excited for the full release!

This game it so very hard, but I like it!

gg ez

It´s very good, i want more!

so eazy

<deleted> responds:

Congrats then

not bad!

this is so fuken awesome

Awesome game! Can't wait for campaign!

Its fun but hard as hell.

El de lo mejor :v

is a really nice game, i like the game style of hotline miami

I'm a huge fan of these maddness games! I like it how the game is like more 8-bit -ish.

Really good game! although I did not play the original game but it's really good! bugs I noticed a little, Though there are bugs but it deserves attention

Реально хорошая игра! хоть я не играл в оригинальную игру но это реально хорошо! багов я заметил мало, Хоть есть баги но это заслуживает внимания

May it lags alittle bit but just incredible that demo man

amazing demo dude!


amazing game

the game play itself is good, but a bit weird on how to get into doors and the visions and aiming

I gotta say, this was a great play. I enjoyed it a whole lot, and it brought back some good HM vibes. The music is spot-on, I love it and it's perfect for this game. The controls, while albeit a bit clunky, they come together pretty nicely. It feels like a modded campaign for HM2, and I enjoy that.

However despite being very similar to one of my favorite (if not THE favorite) game series, I had one problem. Newgrounds itself. I clicked off a helluva lot and, as an expected result, got killed on the spot by them pesky L33T Agents (feelsbadman). I know this is a problem that'd be very painful to fix, so I don't expect it to be, but it did aggravate me though as a person who loves to sweat on every Hotline campaign I can.

But, this was very fun. I had an enjoyable experience, and I will be back to beat the campaign when it's released.

Until it's full release, we can all learn from life's greatest lesson:
P r e s s R T o R e s t a r t

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm trying to implement fullscreen mode for the game. Yet it's not successful but still

This game is very good. My biggest issue is that the movement is quite choppy. Other than that this game feels just like Hotline Miami with a newground's aesthetic. I have high hopes seeing that this is only the demo and it looks quite good.

This indeed feels like a certain .IO game that I have played. But what was its name?

Goddamn, it feels like im playing hotline miami itself, everything else is amazing, its just like the game, however i have a bit of qualms, i just realized hotline miami is so hard to play on a small ass screen without a fullscreen option

takes forever __ __ /\/
/==\ / \_/\/
/======\ \/\__ \__
/==/\ /\==\ /\_|__ \
/==/ || \=\ / / / /_/
/=/ /\ || /\ \=\/ /
/===/ / \||/ \ \===\
/===/ /_________________ \===\
/====/ / | / \====\
/====/ / | _________ / \ \===\ THE LEGEND OF
/==/ / | / / \ / / / __________\_____ ______ ___
|===| / |/ /____/ / / \ _____ |\ / \ _ \ \ \
\==\ /\ / / / | | /= \| | | | | \ \ / _ \
\===\__ \ / \ / / / / | | /===/ | | | | \ \ / / \ \
\==\ \ \\ /____/ /_\ // | |_____/| | | | | | | / /___\ \
\===\ \ \\\\\\\/ /////// /| _____ | | | | | | | | ___ |
\==\/ \\\\/ / ////// \| |/==/ \| | | | | | | | / \ |
\==\ _ \\/ / ///// _ | |==/ | | | | / / | | | |
\==\ / \ / / /// /|\| |_____/| | |_____/| | |_/ / | | | |
\==\ / / / /________/ |/_________|/_________|/_____/ /___\ /___\
\==\ / | /==/
\=\ /________________|/=/ OCARINA OF TIME
\==\ _____ /==/
/ \===\ \ / /===/
/ / /\===\ \_/ /===/
/ / / \====\ /====/
/ / / \===|===/
|/_/ \===/
=and a half to load

just like the OG Hotline Miami
the interface could have better graphics IMO, but nonetheless it's a great demo

Can you add more levels? Or level

damm realy smooth and nice but challenging

best madness game out there. controls are sweet the concept is sweet and the gameplay style is sweet no wonder your game got game of the year, 5/5 stars.

so fun much to play. i dont wanna pay for hotline miami so this is a REAL treat! good luck with the campaign mode!


Kinda weird to control.I played Hotline miami 1 and Hotline miami 2 Wrong Number, this is a very nice replica.Good job!

Took me forever but I finally completed the demo. I can already tell the full game is going to be extremely difficult, yet extremely fun.

Just amazing! Great job on this demo. The campaign is going to be outstanding once it comes out.

Really fun! can't wait for the campaign!

good job :)

As a guy who never played Hotline Miami, the game is pretty fun and addicting, even for a demo level.

Very great game. It made me feel cool.

i like it very good just waiting to the full version to come :)

long loading this is yay to the creator its loaded and i waited.


Lota fun but movement is too imprecise. A lot of time I'm trying to go through doors but end up hitting corners and stuff.

<deleted> responds:

I'll fix it in future

Feels like the original hotline miami! Only it's a tad easier.

<deleted> responds:

I was inspired by Hotline Miami and I wanted to make a game that feels like HLM. But for now I'm putting only my features and making them better.

i love 80s!

<deleted> responds:

Ye I kinda feel sad for not being born in 80s ;(

Pretty gamer

Cool game

After some time, I finally got the 33x combo! great game!
game is a bit laggy though, but it might just be my pc.

<deleted> responds:

It's not your fault bc the game was poorly coded but this time I fixed it.

game good but controls...

<deleted> responds:

Can you describe in detail what's wrong with the controls?

F2P Hotline Miami pretty good

the awesome game

real good demo, but i cant seem to maintain solid frame rate, might be my fault but idk

<deleted> responds:

My bad for poor code I'll fix it this year

Nailed it! x33 combo!! BOOYAA!!! Too bad there's no medal for that..

Подписывайтесь на Английский без ГМО!

Edit: I made a walkthrough how to get the max combo!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-TCcN_WxPQ

An awesome game. If you enjoy hotline miami but you are poor like me, this is the game for you.

i cant wait to play the full game!

intense game I ever played

Two thing that i love madness combat + hotline miami

Bloody damn good



Its a good game but the action is very fast pace and it reminds me about Hotline Miami, but I found that the melee weapons are way better to use than the guns and with the guns you have to be very accurate with them to land a shot, but other than that I really enjoyed it!

This is actual quite good for a browser game NGL but I was really expecting nothing much until I played

This is one of the most fitting crossover I have ever played :)


Game Amazing You Talent Is Graet

A fullscreen option would be appreciated, other than that this demo is very promising. It captures both Hotline Miami and Madness greatly. The other problem is that it doesn't add much in gameplay, it feels like a clone.

Awesome Dude

really needs a fullscreen mode linked or something, constantly dying due to accidentally clicking off the game window. other than that this is amazing, good graphics, animations and smooth gameplay.

This is a damn HM 2 with mods

It's pretty good.

Oh my shit, his is the best damn game ever. I FUCKING KILLED ALL THE ENEMIES! FUCKING HELL YEAH!

Super fun, its crazy how fast you can grab a knife and start slashing your way to combo god. I can't wait to see the finished product. The BG Track was great too, it really gave me that sense of urgency.

I like this

amazing the reason I gave 5 stars is that what's here is good enough plus I imagine that when it's finished it will be amazing

love it. keep the work up my man.


Are the big guys imortal?


nope! just grab a gun and shoot them.

Maybe you could put a better character selection for the game, it could have been good

The katana is straight up busted at getting combos.
Simple, violent, and fun. I love it!

It's very good.

so cool

the best 2D game for Madness Combat

great game but are you guys still working at madness project nexus 2 ????

<deleted> responds:

No, it is canceled for now. I'm sorry...

You should just use the hotline Miami editor and up load it. The level design is okay (I would not recommend putting all the bullet sponges in one room and there are a severe lack of guns) but the everything seems a bit off from hotline Miami. You might want to change the background from gray to literally any other color. Also i found my self clicking outside the game window when flicking so full screen would be nice. Some of the weapons seem statically better than others, such as the sword.

epic i finished it but its a little hard👌

its great but can you add remap controls option

Demonicity Hotline Miami VOL 3

the hotline miami 3 we've all been waiting for has finally arrived.

It's very nice
but very easy to get combos
and very easy to die
i like it
good job

Great game, but dude, why it lags so much? is there a way to download the game instead so it won't lags? asides from it, great game.

<deleted> responds:

The main problem my game had is poor coding



SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111
but is hella hard


Awesome game! But it's just like the actual hotline miami. So difficult and hard!


Pretty good,but i'll still loving nexodus

Gostei bastante e se diferencia dos demais , no inicio pode parecer dificil mas quando você pega o jeito zera em 2 minutos kkkk

muy corto

Good game, really enjoyed it.
I wish ya all thebest of luck!

I'm bad at these kinds of games, but I still enjoyed failing over and over with a smile.

After struggling, I finally beat the level and the game is great and I would like to see the future updates and levels.

I really like the game and hopes there are more levles in the future

Hotline Nevada!

add a chainsaw!!!

Well done on this game, brings back good memories of me playing Hotline Miami keep up the good work.

Love it man

i hope this game gets a full version

where is the full versión?

amazing want see the full version 10/10

No death but really epic, add more challenging levels & more rooms!

Awesome 5 Stars!

Edit: There was a last room has 4 Walking cracking heads, they aren't damage for melee.

I feel better now

<deleted> responds:

Glad to hear it

its hotline miami

100 times better


Damn, great game.

Just do what comes natural...

damn! this is fucking cool!


hard yet awesome! Can't wait for the full version!!

Awesome Game But Too Fast <3

When you finish it, you realize that ... YOU ARE A FUCKING MASOQUISTA

This game was absolutely great! I hope to see a whole campaign in the future.

super fun

Super make full game

good game , i like killing are katana :3

Love the pace, anyways What it takes to kill those 4 zombie headed guys?

Edit: This is FIRE! even if it's a demo, I'm addicted

<deleted> responds:

Firearms like Tec-9 and Uzi

I did a 32x combo and i ask you heavybro,a player can do a 57x combo?
oh and i have a bug,,if u rob the melee of the first grunt he will stay in the point that you robbed his gun,but if u kill someone he will run and rob his gun :T

<deleted> responds:

You can't get 57x combo bc there're >57 enemies. About a bug with AI, well it doesn't matter since I already know about that and I will heavily update it this year.


Game Looks Great, The Thing That Isnt So Fun Is That Is Really Hard, Ive Tried Alot Of Times, I Even Hit An Enemy And He Did Not Die, So Make It A Little Bit Less Harder.

here's my tip for getting the 20x combo if u charge the first guy he can't stab u before u knock him, then using you new knife and a bit of luck u can then go and kill one of the katana guys and take his sword. then you outrange everyone meaning u can get everyone but the "brutes" easily.

<deleted> responds:

Can you hit 33x combo? It's possible btw even I did it myself.

The game looks great!

hotline miami looks great

This shit, is what Nevada: miami madness supposed to be

Very good game, but we need more updates!

i would buy this! FOR 100 DOLLARS

This is really good but I can't see the cursor and I end up missing attacks.

<deleted> responds:

It may blend with the background. This is my bad but I'll fix it

i love this!!

i got win

This is a pretty good recreation of the original Hotline Miami, decent soundtrack, pretty good grasp of mechanics. A few nit picks I have are, the controls feel sticky at points, inputs not being recognised as fluently as Hotline Miami, where you can grab and throw weapons at an instants notice. Another thing is that the style and aesthetic of Hotline Miami as well as it's use of colour makes it very obvious as to what is dead and what's not. In this, due to Madness lacking colour, I often didn't realise what was still alive and what was dead. Music is pretty good, all in all great job, looking forward to the campaign.

<deleted> responds:

Yea, the game is currently getting recreated from scratch (Including fully redrawn characters such as main hero), better coding and improved performance for really weak or garbage computers and more options to really improve the performance.
Right now it can handle over 100 enemies in one screen and you can drop and pick up the closest weapon at once. Also if Tom will include saving data API for Newgrounds.io so everyone could share their levels made in the editor I'm currently working on.
Anyway, if not the corrupting files and learning mistakes, the full game will be really shitty and unstable at handling over 10 enemies in the visible area unlike the new version I'm making.
Have a great day, pal.

Had a amazing time playing this great work!

its really, really good¡¡¡¡

loved every minute of it, cant wait for the full thing.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for enjoying it :D

Really Good Game but...
Sometimes is the Blood from the Grunts Yellow.
Here: https://i.gyazo.com/0d03060e5064dcc805e5a75e0fd00066.png

<deleted> responds:

Sorry, my bad. The game actually has been poorly coded and yet I'm working on that.

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!! >33333


That already looks really, really good and impressive. Even if it is just a demo level. Can see a lot of effort put in the game and that's great. Well, maybe enemies' AI needs some working on, but still can't wait to see more.

<deleted> responds:

The game is gonna be heavily reworked from scratch and make it less buggy and unstable

Incredible! I'm waiting for the full game.

Thrilling, fun, needs a little bit of more work. but that is to be expected

Very Cool...

thats all

Nice game.The gameplay was also easy and i hope the full version will come out soon.I also got into the high scores :D.

this is a good game but when you kill someone sometimes everyone goes wild even though the doors are closed

very good for a madness version of hotline miami. the controls were a bit clunky, but thats ok. id love to play a full release

i think you mean this is just a hotline miami knockoff with shittier mechanics
it also has the same fucking sound effects
enemy types are the same
zombie: fat guy
normal enemy: normal mafia member
this game is way too fucking easy
next time be a little bit more original, huh?
nah but for real this game is really good, keep up the good work lmao

it took me 2 days to compleat the game because zombies can only killed by ranged weapons

I love this demo but...... It needs to be hard man.

A nice little top down.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks, in the future there will be more content

This game is great! I especially loved the combos you could get in the game. I'm also glad that you have options for taking out enemies. I was able to take out all but the last four enemies using only a knife, which is great because it means that you don't have to constantly swap out weapons while in combat.

The only problem, however, was that the game seem to have problems with performance. Suprisingly enough, turning the quality DOWN seemed to cause the most problems. I was frequently getting lag when I turned all options to their lowest setting. Aside from that, the game ran relatively smooth on default, and there didn't seem to be any other flaws or problems.

Good game.

P.S: for some reason, I wasn't actually able to unlock the last two achievements, despite me surpassing them a couple of times. I don't blame this on the game, however: It could be my browser, or me doing something wrong. Again, great game!

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for your feedback. I know your problem about optimization and I'm working on it very hard also the game has too much WebGL effects such as a noise effect for EACH layer instead of creating a mask of it. But don't forget that it may caused by your Browser that eats your PC resources or because it's weak. I hope you enjoyed the game, also try to clear cache/cookie of your browser and try again to get the achievements

this games is like hotline miami xd

a bit tedious

I wish you could execute with guns, like the great detective Manny Pardo from Hotline MIami 2.

<deleted> responds:

I know about that, but technically there were no any gun executions and I ain't planning to add them, but you can use enemies as the meat shield like in Hotline Miami 1

well i didnt played it,the game dont support the arrow keys,and my WASD dont works so it makes very unfair to me and idk how to play with any control option,pls arrow keys

<deleted> responds:

I thought the arrow keys era has been already ended but no. I'll add control binding in the future

Very good!

Hermoso toda una joya

That actually hurt me

but it was actually really fun for a demo

It took a while to beat the level, but it was time well spent.

Very difficulty, like Hotline Miami. And frenetic, like Hotline Miami. Great idea in mixing Hotline Miami with Madness Series

The Game and concept is really good. Hotline and Madness combined really makes a good game. This is really fun and engaging for a demo. The Reason i gave it a Half Five is because it's really short,i mean,after 14 tries i finally killed everyone and i still didn't feel accomplished because the game is short and really gets boring after some times,perhaps a Sandbox or a level editor maybe?
Nonetheless,it's still really fun!


thank you lots! these comments really help with the development!

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for your feedback. Next time I'll try to keep you here for a long time and possibly open editor for everyone :)

Well made The Artstyle is perfect this is perfect for hotline miami fans

Every time I died I just couldn't stop playing until I finished it, I feel acomplished!... My fingers hurt though, shit!

i love it! it's dead on to the kind of gameplay found in hotline miami, even the combo system. cant wait to see some kind of full version eventually

loved it soooo much i need more games like this in my life

A faithful adaptation of Hotline Miami's gameplay, with the classic Madness style. The combination goes together like peanut butter and jelly. Great work!

its a very creative and fun game

This is amazing, the Hotline Miami series is one of my favorites and getting the opportunity to play through these levels was a lot of fun, very challenging and very rewarding!

Awesome recreation, everything about it is just perfect and really captures the feel of hotline miami and madness combat. Can't wait for the full version! Plus head physics. <3


This really captures the game play feel. As someone who plays a lot of Hotline Miami everything felt exactly like the game and all my muscle memory and timing carried over perfectly. Really good job!

nice maybe thats could be a side story and not nexus 2

just saying

The difficulty is mediocre, if you've played hotline miami you know what im talking about.
But the gameplay's fantastic.
However manual executions should be a thing, where you need to spam click to perform executions.
I also like that you can change the blood amount, the AZERTY QWERTY feature is amazing btw.
I love it that i can finally play these games without needing to use WASD ON AN AZERTY KEYBOARD.
The enemies have 360° vision, like in HM.
So it may be difficult for some, however thats needed because...
( you dont expect easy games from this. )
The bloody footprints are a nice detail..
But what about executions from behind, and when enemies are punched against a wall kicking their guts in?
I mean, you dont have to do it...
But uh its a cool detail which you couuuuuld have.
I like how when you fire an unsilenced gun, enemies come rushing at you!
It's definitely cool.
However, more gun using enemies please? I mean....
Hotline Miami is pretty known for its melee and gunplay.
Mostly because if you get shot, you dead.
Glitches :
Only one, which is suprising.
You can still finish executions when dead.
But that should be fixed if one of my suggestions of manual executions gets added in.


thank you!
this is very helpful and if you'd like to keep up on the game please join the Discord server, it's on HeavyBro's profile.

High Hopes my Friend, Loved the the Hotline Miami Feel, Definitly needs more weapons (guns)
Keep up the good work!

Pretty decent

i am a hotline miami fan and a madness fan, thank for new wank material

real shit tho this game is a step in the right direction keep working on it pls


Heavy is working his ass off. go to his profile and join the Discord server to see the progress upcoming features.

Interesting take on Hotline Miami. My biggest complaint would be that you can just hold down the left mouse button and win. As long as you're facing the grunts, you'll never die. It works with a touch pad as well. The medals don't seem to work.

Edit: So the medals only unlock when you win?
Edit2: I just beat it. Nothing unlocked.
Edit3: I switched to a different browser. They work now. It must have had something to do with my extensions.

<deleted> responds:

They should work. Have you ever completed the game as the unregistered user?

its so good but i suck and im doo doo

A very neat concept that fits really well with the Madness feel! However. It doesn't really move like Hotline Miami. Which is understandable because it's not supposed to be Hotline Miami

I give you a five stars on this game and I'm not that good on hotline.

Is Cool and Good


great game doe i suck at it :))

high hopes, plays and sounds like hotline miami, too

fun demo

hope the full version of this comes out soon


of course it will, keep up with us on Heavy's Discord server.

i really want to like this, but it's too easy to trade kills and that's frustrating

Yes. It was the same as Hotline Miami 2.
Like the playability of Madness Sierra Nevada.


better then the payday mix

i cant do shit without getting killed in the begining

<deleted> responds:

1. Punch the grunt coming to you
2. Get over him
3. Press space
4. Get over the weapon he dropped
5. Click right mouse button
6. ????
7. PROFIT just don't die in any way

This game is awesome

this is a masterpiece

love it man

Real solid mashup, It beats the payday one by a landslide. I love it.

Controls and movement are a bit wonky, making it harder to play, and the enemies blend in with the background a little too well, but overall, it's a really fun and challenging game.


when i try to pick up a weapon it does not work

<deleted> responds:

Did you click right mouse button?


Pretty Cool Game.

I finally beat the first level and damn it was hard!! This game was pretty fun please make more levels.

As a big fan of Hotline Miami, it's quite impressive for being a browser game. My only problem is that it lags often. Still, very cool.

Is there only one level?

<deleted> responds:

Only one yet

It's not original but it's well made, dammit! Very difficult and very fun (took me a while to beat it LOL finally got it on my thirtieth try) Those zombies were formidable!

<deleted> responds:


i like, wait no i love it !

Great game, thanks very much for it. However I must say the hit boxes can be a bit wonky, and while I must say I am decent at this game, I have no idea why I die when I die, other than that once two enemies occupy the same space, they are invincible to most weapons.

Nice Game :) (i actually used the head as a soccer ball LOL)

Edited: P.S Can you fix the bug where I finished off a I337 agent with a machete and his corpse turn into a ATP engineer corpse? I was hoping to kick an agent's head...

<deleted> responds:

Me too

Great >:)


Awesome yellow blood

This is absolutely beatiful.

This game is great! I think that Madness combat and Hotline Miami go as great as chocolate and peanut butter. My only complaint is that the ai is a bit wonky but other than that it is great! Can't wait for the full release!

Nice game!

Where is full version it's totally awesome!

Amazing game. The graphics are as close as hotline miami can be, alongside with the way the NPCs work. Unsure if this is a bug but you can get hit while also hitting an enemy, killing you and him. Forcing you to restart.
There are no executions with any of the weapons which was slightly dissapointing to me but it was still cool. Could use more of them executions.

Zombies are way too fast and could get some tweaking. Other than that, challenging, fun, didn't expect anything less.


you should read the controls, they're in the game's description. space is to execute downed enemies.
no, dying while killing an enemy is not a bug, it just happens sometimes if you both hit each other at the same time.
the "zombies" are G03LMS without armour which appear on PN2, they only die from firearms.

thank you for the feedback, mate!

i love this madness project nexus + hotline miami game

<deleted> responds:

Actually my game is based on Madness Combat (cartoon).
Project Nexus is based on Madness Combat too

This game have a very GOOD potencial

if you improve the grapichs and complete this game can be a very good game 5/5

Fucking golden game play.

Really good, will the full game be free?

<deleted> responds:

Of course it will

I rate that amazing 5 stars because THIS IS SO COOL

i belive i can dieee also to defet the big guys u need GUNS the smg will do hope i did the helping

It's very good at feeling like Hotline Miami and its very fun to play, but there's 3 main issues

The least important one is the 1st enemy. He'd be better positioned at the top of the corridor facing away from the player, that way you can rush in after a respawn Keeping with the pace of HLM.

The doors are very finicky and difficult to move through, I keep colliding with the walls and it ruins the momentum.

The level is designed like a building with enemies just placed about instead of a level with a clear path of progression for the player. In the Hotline Miami it takes trial and error to figure out the best way of moving through a level but this just feels as though there's no intended path, making the experience a little lacking.

2 hard, still its a cool game

Good for a demo.

Not bad. Even though I'm not the best at Hotline Miami with a keyboard and mouse, I found this to be a good demo to play. I give it a 5/5 not only for the gameplay, but having Madness integrated into the game itself, which is REALLY cool for me.

my laptop sucks and I can't play this game, so sad

@Bossguy626 Its time you know that you ARE hank
Love It Please Carry On!

If you thought this game was hard because you got killed in one bullet, please go try out hotline miami as you take out 30 guys that are in front of you and if you get shot once, its from all over again


2 Hard 2 Play, 1. The grunt is stupid how did the grunt killed me with 1 slice? 2. I remeber Hank have amazing ability of dodge, WHERE THE HELL IS IT? 3. I use a silent pistol to kill but how did they noctice me shooting a guy when they are in another room?


i love this game, first the original game, now in MADNESS, FUCK YEAH!!!!
i love it!!!!, i hope you still working on the campaing, i'll help you!!!
hey, i see your answer, i got some ideas
1.-let's put more weapons, like bats, shotguns, rifles, and else
2.- put some comentaries, like in the game, it would be better, but harder
3.- Dogs!!! in the original game, they have dogs, right
4.- a new protagonist, jacket!!! the original protagonis of Hotline Miami, and the masks, of course
5.- secrets and a antagonist
i hope these ideas work in the Campain mode
im going to wait until here appears!!!

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for your feedback. How you can help me with the project? DM me

this is it chief

Awesome game! I have been wanting to play a madness game for some time now. the camera angle is good, and the fighting is awesome! Thumbs up :D

I love this, can't wait for it to be a full game!

My pc is suck so im running in low fps so sad...

<deleted> responds:

Dw, later ill improve the optimization. It's the biggest problem after AI and graphics

When the game gets more levels this will be really good i like the challenge just like in Hotline Miami.


If there is anything that can be involved with a spiritual successor to Hotline Miami, it only makes perfect sense for Madness! I am VERY much looking forward to a full game of this!!

Hard as fuck....

I love it!

esse jogo me lembra hotline maiame


better than hotline miami xD

I finished this demo and i want FULL GAME. (i'll buy it if it will be paid)
Also i wanna know where did you painted the sprites.
I want to make game like this on Unity.

<deleted> responds:

It will be free, so you don't have to pay to paly ;)))

Great game! i feel like this is a great take on Hotline Miami mixed in with our ol' madness culture. The game, taking in consideration that it is a demo, looks great. I simply love the fact that you gave an actually accurate representation of the combat and everything of hotline miami, but there are a few problems :

Controls - 3/5
Its the movement, i understand that it has to have the fast-paced movement like in HM, but it feels like its way to speedy. The walls collisions are also super weird since it feels like im gonna clip through them.

The movement of the enemies are confusing. In their alerted state, it is near impossible to understand where they are going. i feel like that should be fixed.

Overall it's a seriously good game. I loved the music, loved the gameplay. The menu should be a bit more polished tho as sometimes it is unresponsive. Cheers!


Enemy movement needs a little fixing, but overall an awesome game. Can't wait for the full version!

Its just like Hotline Miami

very good :D


it's entertaining but the character moves fast and controls are not explained when the game starts

i love hlm series and this is a very good game.

bloody, gory, and not at all boring

Hell yeah, been years since good madness game!

Fantastic work, as a huge fan of the hotline series I can totally dig what you're trying to do here. You're very close to the actual experience.

I did have some trouble going through doors sometimes due to the sheer speed at which the character moves and sometimes enemies teleport backwards slightly when running (to the players advantage). If they do they usually form clumps of easy to kill goobers.

Looking forward to seeing more levels and getting that hotline fix !

Now this is the way madness fan games should be made.

Eyyy thats pretty goood

when you complete the stage you can throw out all the weapons threw the zombie room


i loved hotline miami,completed both parts,sadly,my pc can't run this game smoothly,but i can see its a lot easier than HM.

really fun

I really love the concept and mechanics of the game, not to mention the fast pace and quick reaction time. Great demo!

why cant you pick op eapons thats the only guestion i have

needs a lot of polishing, but its pretty good

id say its a stellar game all in all but a few complaints.

when i turn my character doesnt quite feel like hes moving fast enough.
enemies can also hit me just after they die, and the hit boxes feeling a little too big on all the weapons.

other than that the games pretty much awesome. cant waut for a campaign man!

That a pretty cool game! I like it! It feels just as hotline.

can't wait till full version

the mix between Hotline Miami and Madness Combat got very good cost I hope you finish this amazing project

Pretty sweet, looking forward to the full release

This is very cool. Cant wait for the full version!

𝒩𝑜 𝒞𝑜𝓂𝓂𝑒𝓃𝓉𝓈

oh my god is krinky god!

super fun

Fantastic game

super fun and exhilarating gameplay!

sexy af

ootimo e desafiado e muito complicado se c nao se mve a tempo vc morre esse q e legal do jogo e desafiante

Pretty good! Definitely better than most of the other action games on NG, and a surprisingly authentic recreation of Hotline Miami's gameplay style. I'd like to see this turn into a full release!

A couple things to improve though:

* The enemies' movement feels a bit erratic and hard to predict when they're alerted. Smoothing that somehow would make melee combat a bit less hit-and-miss.

* Navigating through doorways is also a bit sticky, I feel like I'd clip the edge of the corner and come to a complete stop, which usually killed me.

* When you're in a fight, Hank's character can be a bit difficult to differentiate from the swarms of enemies and piles of bodies. Lots of black and grey and red going on. I know that's pretty much the full color pallette with Madness titles, but if there was some way to easily tell your guy from the other guys, it'd make the gameplay feel a lot more natural.


Thank you for the feedback!

One of the best things Ive played on this website in years

Cool! I Like This Game!

I am Commander Shepard and this is my favorite game

Do you like hurting otter people hank?


A little brutal to start out with - felt like after the first kill, I had to jump right into 5 on 1 battles with super fast enemies and with only 1 health point.

I liked it, but it was quite punishing.

dope game I really enjoyed it. I can´t wait for campaign.

You really did well from inspiration, great game

Great game! Can't wait when campaign is released! :D

what is the menu music?

I wonder, why can't you kill the golems?

<deleted> responds:

Shoot at them

Dope Game

It is a bit too fast pace, I hope you fix it. That aside it is a good game!

WireFramer best friend so I instantly vote 5 stars. Nah nah seriously though this has great potential!

Always love seeing what new Madness is around the corner.

I really like the fast-paced nature of going through each room and seeing different ways to take on each set of opponents. The guns rarely seem to be worth going for when the melee has superior AoE, but it kept me running around and changing weapons to see all the different animations and styles therein. When I got to the zombies I liked that they weren't EZPZ with melee, and you had to run away and gun em' down carefully.

Other than a few bugs you already highlighted, the game seems like it's going to be really solid once it's ready to go. The finishers are an awesome touch, I felt like I had to work for them after the first poor bastard; although, it just made it that much more fun. I was secretly hoping we could throw different melee weapons to kill off guys, but that's just more of a Hank being a bad-ass thing than anything else. Throwing the weapon to stun guys, and then execute them was a blast though.

Looking forward to the final release sir, 5/5


yes! i can totally agree with you, Heavy has done such an amazing job building this game, and we promise you there's gonna be more. i'm really happy everyone is enjoying it.
*this game was inspired off of Hotline Miami and i really recommend you watch some gameplay of that. also, the "zombies" are actually G03LMs without armour which appear in Project Nexus 2.*

I like the fast paced gameplay and how it requires fast reaction time to get a decent high score, the difficulty feels natural making it satisfying to do well.

I have noticed some issues though.

1. Occasionally while doing an execution your character will freeze in mid swing and you're stuck like that until somebody kills you, but if you defeated all the other enemies in the room you're screwed. You can't hit the R key to reset and you have to refresh the entire page.
2. Sometimes when you knock an enemy out and they don't have a weapon nearby to grab when they get up, one of the guns laying around will teleport into their hands.
3. They walk through walls sometimes.
4. For some reason, a group of three enemies will run into the starting room about 1/10th of the time as soon as you punch out the first enemy. (wielding a pipe, axe, and sword) It happens pretty randomly.

And what's the difference between a 500 point kill and a 750 point kill? I'm not doing anything different yet I randomly get 750 points instead of 500 about a third of the time.


here's what's goin' on.
1. Heavy's working on bug fixes. read the description it should tell you the controls, you can press the 'escape' button and just click restart.
2. same as #1.
3. also #1.
4. that's because the doors don't reset once your restart the level, if a door has been opened, you die 'n press restart, the door will stay open and close until it's ready to close on its own.

Brings back memories of hotline miami

this is quality asf, music on point gameplay feeling great but them levels really need work since they are far too big 4 whats usually a gd level in hotline miami, other than that it is great asf


HeavyBro is working on floor transitions, this demo doesn't have that mechanic which explains the size.

This game has serious potential, and although I have not finished the demo, I really enjoy it, I also enjoy the fact that your [somewhat] able to be stealthy. My only complaint is that it has no sound.


there is sound, i'm not sure what you mean by "it has no sound." it could be a problem on your end.

This game has soo much potential keep up the great work!

Whats the name of the menu song? because its not the one that is in the music description

Pretty good recreation of the Hotline Miami mechanics, but it doesn't feel like there's enough stuff that's uniquely "Madness Combat" other than the graphics and sound.
Feels more like a texture pack than a full-on crossover.
Maybe do a main character other than Hank?

<deleted> responds:

Hank will not be the single playable character

No... you didn't...

<deleted> responds:

Didn't what?

cool crossover content, but i have some complaints. There are some collision problems near the door way and my character would get stuck. Sometimes i would pick up the gun and it would not fire, enemies have some kind of six sense and react too fast. If i take the slow approach, the ai would automatically know where i am and attack faster than i can react.

great! great game! both of my favorites in one game!


Good game

Great game, it does have a potential.

Funny and great, good job!

31600 points on my first clear. Nice game so far, could use a few more hit points though. I mean really, what's the point of melee combat if I die the moment something touches me?

Other than that, pretty excellent game so far. Needs more guns and ammo though, seeing as how those are next to non existent in this level.

Also, how about a way to restart the room once it's cleared? I have to refresh the page to play it again. :/


once the level is cleared just go back to the stairs in the beginning, you'll get the end screen 'n the credits.

a little confusing at first but pretty fun once you get used to it. cant wait for more levels

good but it have numerous ai bugs and hitbox bugs but it's ok

Pretty good game, I've cleared the level + won all the medals :d not that hard

this is the best madness game I have ever played and its even better because its directly inspired by hotline miami

We need more madness games like this one. I absolutely love it! Can't wait for the full release!

being someone who has beaten both Hotline Miami 1 and 2, this is a really close match. if it was a game that you could buy i would buy it and beat it like Miami 1 and 2. really fun game, and is challeging like Hotline Miami was. Love it.

pretty fun game little bit too hard though.

Great game. Feels exactly like Hotline Miami. However two criticisms, sometimes doors won't open when you're in front of them, also throwing bladed weapons act like thrown blunt weapons(they only knockdown instead of kill). Other than that it was great.

This game is pretty good for being an WIP.
It's pretty hard but awesome.
Thumbs up.

Damn i never thought of a crossover hm+mc but it makes so much sense

great game my only complaint is that finishing the enemies stops you from doing anything else and since they can open doors if i kill a guy and someone comes after me i am dead no matter what also there is a bug where if you finsish a grunt or an agent with the small knife it always takes a mask of even if the character had no mask on

It was a breath of fresh air for me! Been a while since I've been on the site, good to see that people still make amazing content. Glad to have been a user on this site ever since :)

The screen feels a little close to the character and there isn't an option for full screen so I often clicked out of the window and got killed, but overall a really great demo.

The enmies reacts too fast

Awesome game, only thing that bothered me was the guts, I feel like they're too big for the character, and also the color is kinda weird, the pink doesn't really fit with Madness. All in all I had fun, and I guess that's all that counts.

its pretty good for just a featured game, but the only thing that i find annoying is when the enemy
are able to see through walls and sometimes doors. But other than that this game is good.


never played a game like this before in my life, at least I think. Took a few. . .okay, a lot of deaths, but it was finally worth it to kill all these badies!

Looking forward to the full release. My one gripe is the door ways, the walls seem to block me sometimes, but a minor gripe.

I loved but, but i hate how sometimes the enemies can see me through the closed doors and walls, that's why hotline miami have a bigger screen

I love it. Tip hold the mouse button and then wait in a doorway as the enemies go to you before getting all sliced. you wont get touched. works better with the sword/katana. whatever it is. so yeah. id rate this 9.5/10

- Jacob

This game has a lot of potential but I think the gameplay should be more smoother because in some cases I can´t even attack or move, but this is just small thing anybody could fix, Well I can´t wait for the full realese and good luck.

very fun hotline miami mod

good game. like it how it look like hotline miami

killed evryone in a 29x combo then singled out golems man this has potential

edit: you know you could make it that hank can take 1 blow before dying since he is preety much diffrent

its awesome but its making me rage its very fast lol but i love the game!!

i can play only first level in this demo
it's fast and intense , because one hit you die and start whole level again, everything running toward fast and hunger for blood
for the tip, just don't stop clicking mouse, unless you will get asskicked by 1337 agent

i couldn't beat it... 5 stars!

edit: Howto kill the zombies

is a perfect game

I enjoyed the demo! Although getting through the doors is tough and should be fixed for the full game. Otherwise this was a good game!

4 out of 5 stars

Fucking amazing, this is a perfect mix between two great series'

I just got fucking ptsd

This is my new favorite game of all time

finnaly a good game


Really good for a Hotline Miami clone. Nigh perfectly mimics a good chunk of what makes the base game so fun, and adds it's own twist to it (if different looking enemies counts as a twist). A bit buggy, with doors sometimes remaining open after I restart (the goons from the next door over rudely interrupting my execution) but other than that, superb job!

I love this it was alot of work put in

also will this be free at the full version?

<deleted> responds:

Of course the full version will be free to play.

What else can I say?This is a game with 2 classics combined together,I'll talk about my own opinion on this game.

AI Review
+Reacts to gunshots
+Will pick up weapons if they survived getting knocked down
+Can get knocked down with thrown weapons
-Can be baited and dodge,won't chase the player(or a bug)
-Does not use guns
Gameplay review
Pretty good I would say,most of the sound effects are taken from HM,I'm not getting the medals,the last part with the G03LMs is quite easy,unlike hotline,the G03LMs won't run that fast like they are high on drugs.
Sometimes,the sound effect won't play,happened when I was using a sword.

Overall rating 9.5/10
Pretty good so far,the sound effects need to be fixed. I'll keep my eye on this game.

all good you need to add a health bar thought thats all couldnt comeplete lv.1 cuz health bar is missing and if u dont want to add health bar add checkpoints just a suggestion
actually i suck.....xD

Enemies can run at you if you stand in the doorway and you can slice em to death without moving
and you can stab through walls

but 10/10 best demo I've ever played

I really enjoyed this!
I had a lot of fun trying different things like melee only, no kills and gun-party!
One of the things I would change is nerfing melee weapons to not insta kill enemies.
Also dont be afraid to overload players, the fun thing here is just having it be a slaughterfest.


The sprite work is astounding. All the little details make this great and worth your time. Good luck on making a full campaign.

This is a Hotline Miami clone. Is that a bad thing? Not exactly. I felt that the kill time was even faster than in Hotline Miami (A feat I wasn't sure was possible) and it tends to detract from the fun that comes from the difficulty. I also noticed that the AI was fairly iffy, spazzing when I was seen, making for undeserved kills for me. Part of the fun of Hotline Miami is making a plan and being quick enough to execute it, this feels a bit too much like an undeserved (On my end) slaughter fest. I would recommend 1. Making the AI a bit faster to respond 2. Making melee weapons degrade after a few kills, sharp/quick weapons degrading faster than blunt/slow weapons. 3. Make blunt weapons stun enemies like in Hotline Miami, this would add more strategy and a bit more brutality to it. 4. Let us pick up weapons while holding a current weapon like in Hotline Miami, that way we can be more strategic than "Swing till they gone" 5. lower the spread on the automatics, it lets us just point in the enemies direction and cause death without actually aiming 6. Rework the zombies to be comparable to the fat guys from Hotline Miami, having them require guns is great but they still don't feel like a threat. Overall i'd give it 4 stars for potential but you lost points because you can't use doors strategically. Also I'm sorry but the music just doesn't strike me right for massacring and the bland art style of Madness doesn't fit quite right. To fix the music I'd just 80's-ify it more, add more oomph and speed to it. For the art i'd add a bit of color to the levels, keep the grey as a light tint and as an option in the menu to go full Madness on it (Like the bull mask from the Vita version of Hotline Miami). Overall even though I've been harsh here I still REALLY enjoyed it. I just finished Hotline Miami for the first time yesterday and after 100% it today was browsing Newgrounds for something to play and can say I got my fill of fun from this. I hope this gets finished, even if all my irks aren't fixed I'm still gonna 100% it because the game type is so much fun. Good luck guys :)

<deleted> responds:

Those zombies (GO3LMs) weren't very dangerous because they're placed away from the player's spawn. Anyway I'm actually reworking on sprites, rebalancing weapons and adding more. Thanks for the fair review.

This game is amazing! One of my favorite so far in Newgrounds... the game is hard and easy. Why easy? Because you can just basically press the left mouse button after getting the first sword from your enemy. After that open some doors and let the enemy go close contact from you and they instantly die except from the zombies, because you need to use the gun to kill them, but that is still easy too if you know there patterns, why? You can just grab a gun and just keep pressing the left button until one or two zombies die when you open the door, but if you kill one zombie or two zombie, but if you dont have any ammo for your gun and one of them stayed at the spawnpoint you where in the beginning well GOOD LUCK! I loved this game it is fast phase and you need some amazing aiming skill if you want to beat this game only using guns. I love how the developer make this and I am happy to see the full version, but if you need to pay, well I am broke. I am pretty much hopeful if this is finish and good luck for you developer.

The games fun, But it took multiple clicks to access any thing, There is no way to change the button for picking up items (rip track pad users), and on two different occasions it caused my browser to freeze (That's probably more my fault then the game but still annoying)


Absolutely amazing! It feels so much like Hotline Miami, but sped up and drugged with the macabre aesthetics of Madness! Bloody fun even though it is only a demo! Every little detail was taken into consideration- the bloody footprints, executions, ammo, throwing weapons, line of sight, absolutely everything! Only thing I didn't like, is that there was no door kicking mechanic...I abused the living hell out of it in HM. DON JUAN FTW!

5 stars. awespme time passer! and on top of that its madness combat

Simply amazing.
You got everything out of hotline miami, the brutal executions, insane melee combat and everything you need in a game like this. I also noticed the footprints, a nice little touch.
However, the game is a little bit slow, but I think everything will get better with time.

AWESOME! When you finish it can you add Sanford and deimos and some other characters from the game to play as? Thanks.

i got some ideas 1.atp soldat: needs to have guns but they dont shoot fast to give you time to kill them 2. zombies: after they have been killed they respawn and they attack other enemies of they kill a enemy the turn into zombies too 3. make the golems at the end of the level with helmets you got to knock the helmets of by trowing a weapon en reduce them to three units 4. mag agents: you need to hit them 5 times and they only have a charge attack of 1 second to make them not op 5. sleep walkers: their movement speed is slower than others but they respown 3 times 6. abomination: their movement speed is increased of you hit them they will get stunned and act like a normal grunt or agent. these characters are from the Original madness combat PS these are only ideas you dont have to ad them

I get that this is based off of a great game and all, but it sure doesn't translate well to a flash game. For one thing the target/cursor is nigh invisible with the faded grey palette so iconic in Madness flash. Half the time I had no idea where my cursor was, and wound up clicking out of the window because of it. Trying to melee while advancing on enemy is suicide 100% of the time so the only real strategy is to camp or kite while the enemies mindlessly stream towards you.

I feel like if you tweaked just a few more elements of the Hotline formula this game could have been great, but as it stands its pretty mediocre.

its a lil laggy

Beard is proud of this :)

it's a really good game

THIS GAME IS AWESOMEE!!! Two really brutal games combined, really awesome dude hoping to see the full version soon!

<deleted> responds:

Actually Madness Combat is the web cartoon -_-

The game is amazing, fast-paced and fun. A minor nitpick I have, and it's most likely just me, is that the crosshair is white and easily blends in with the light grey floors. Other than that, it's a solid concept that I love.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for your feedback, I'll put the drop shadow effect for the cursor :)

Oh my god, Iv'e been dreaming for this mash up ever since I heard of Hotline Miami. I will legit pay money for this, Keep up the good work and happy madness day!

hotline miami sent a hug dude

as i say to every gud game GUD SIT

Yo only minor bugs such as not regestering attacks at times. Still a really fun play.

<deleted> responds:

Most of complains like hold LMB to win are fixed, but I ain't gonna upload it. Anyway the major update will be in next year

The moment this is done is gonna be a hit

A simple game with well known game mechanics. Liked the Madness style, fits perfectly in my opinion.

I don't know if is my fanatism to Hotline Miami or what.
But this demo is really good.
When i seen it was like. OMG ;'3
Really good. :3 I just fuck it some times with the doors because i have in mind the fact to knock somebody with the door, but when you get it, its easy. :3 Great game, i strongly recommend it.

<deleted> responds:

Well it seems I have to replace them to the classic ones. Anyway thanks

40050 pts. I reccomend to drop weapon in enemy to stun him, and finish him with axe or baseball bat, it gives you more pts.

Edit:WOW! PEOPLE LOVE ME! lol, so much love smiles!
Edit2: Oh, i noticed what katana gives you many PTs too (execution)

its awesome,but i think checkpoints will be good idea

<deleted> responds:

There will be checkpoints when you go to the next floor

cool bro i am waiting for the full version! just giv some checkpoint so we dont need to start over again

Non bad non good just a copy a one game buuuut this is madness

<deleted> responds:

Of course this is HLM copy, but I have some concepts that HLM doesn't have and make them real in my game

HELLA NICE just needs work on the controls the right click doesn't work half the time

Welp, not bad pals!)
Just try to talk with Cheshyre about allowing you to use his soundtracks, and you can already count this as a full game!
Seriously, beside the boring soundtrack, everything was drop dead awesome!

<deleted> responds:

I asked Cheshyre to allow using his tracks and he ignored it

this game is dope af

ya me cargo esta bien chido :v

this is awesome should make a open world like this turn madness into gta that would be cool I love this game cause it makes you feel just like madness!

this is a great game, please continue

Sadly I can't give it a better rating. A bug prevents me from playing the game itself. Menu and all loads fine but once I click start it goes black and I only hear the music with some sound effects.

pretty fun

A great game
i only wish the guns could have been used more freely (tho i get why not)
i noticed i had to save every last bullet for the golems

it's great game ;D

Very fast gameplay, so much bugs with melee weapons and annoying music. Good idea,
if you correct everything I said above, it will be a good game! 1.5/5

Very well done, some of the bugs are a bit annoying but it is a demo so I'm not complaining. Looking forward to seeing this fully fleshed out.

Infinitely better than the other madness hotline miami game on newgrounds.

cant wait for full game

A fun game

So I found this "GAME" to be fun and its a great "ADDITION" for madness day, the "TOP-VIEW" was pretty nifty and was a little hard at first with the controls but it smoothed out, as its a demo I think you should make more parts to this game, You truly have a unique game idea here. Nice gamplay, good graphics and smooth run thru. The game idea is both amusing and challenging. but as mentioned this is a good and unique idea, you made it work, and goes to show old ideas can still be different, Keep up the great work! my Impression on this one is that of an impressive start.

as its a demo I think you should make more parts to this game




It's ok. But - gameplay is obviously ripped off from HLM but it doesn't feel so good. No door mechanic. Too fast pace without this incredible HLM flow. Graphics sometimes aren't clear enough to see enemies. Bloodbath Kavkaz na minimalkah.

<deleted> responds:

Я и хотел сделать клон хлм, но со своими фичами и че ты приебался к дверям если в мк они двигаются в сторону или вверх а еще атм я работаю над спрайтами и они стали намного лучше

Make so more levels? oh, and add bosses?

I really enjoyed that! Nice demo to be sure and I will be looking forward to the full version!

Gooooooood game demo

this game made my hands twitch like a mf


not bad cant wait till the full game comes out


This is in credibly well done i'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out. My only problem is that you can clear rooms out really easily by just standing in the doorway and holding the M1

This is a good demo for what will hopefully be a good game. It's difficult, but not 'rage quit' difficult. I like the preview for the game, and hope to see a finished product soon.

Pretty well polished for a demo. I'm curious to see how the full game turns out, but until then, nice work!

nice game

rip madness sierra nevada

Good work guys keep it up demo was amazing

The doors are the death of me. Love the quick pace and precision.

fun, a little too fast paced maybe?

It's really good, except it does have its flaws. Once I died for no reason, also, I died, but was alive, as guts :/. It's good tho don't worry :).

very good game like it when are you gonna make the full relase?

It's alright. It suffers from some of the same problems the original Hotline Miami games have, where melee enemies can kill you at the same time you hit them, being hit through doors, the doors in general being kind of wonky.

Hopefully the level design gets beefed up, because this level crammed a lot into just a large space without much environment to actually play with.

Love the game. but main problem is that it can be too easy if you just stand still with machete and hold mouse1

Incrible Os Game

Add fullscren pls, because sometimes the mouse escapes ;c but game is cool i beated this demo

I just love the gameplay of Hotline Miami, and together with one of my favorite series it is just too good. If I must have a complaint I'd say that when moving through doors, you need to move through the center. If you try to pass through the sides sometimes it seems like there's some sort of invisible wall. Other than that, I had much fun with this one, good job!

This game is amazing 10/10

I love the main menu track, but i don't know the name of this song

<deleted> responds:

It doesn't have a name, it's the real OST, but you can ask Djjaner for it anyway.


(update) I understand how to play now :) 5 stars
(update,2) I FINISHED THE GAAAAAME! it's a very great and complex game. 100 stars if I could.

<deleted> responds:

Why the fuck 2 stars?

Very good, I love the design, one of my suggestions is that you could add Sanford and Deimos as other playable characters kind of like Hotline Miami does with masks. Other than that, the game is absolutely amazing.

<deleted> responds:

Of course I'm gonna just give me more time


I always expected a Hotline Miami clone in this setting...
And now I finally have it.
Though, it's very laggy, but what isn't on this website?

5 stars here, music is good, gameplay is good, graphics... who cares about it? BUT i hate when my cursor goes out of the game screen and i can not move or shoot and get killed. Fix it please or make the fullscreen version.

A really good godlike HotLine Miami !

hotline miami copy

<deleted> responds:

Pleasssssee don't tell FBI I don't wanna get in a jail ;((

I recommend it to anyone and please continue with the work!!!

Good, but hard

Love this game!!! Really got me to get really quick reaction times. Would recommend this game to anyone who has some interest in Hotline Miami. The music is great and the gameplay is great too. It is challenging too like Hotline Miami. If I A) had a PS Vita right now and B) this game was available for PS Vita, I would totally buy this alongside Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

Love it, simple as that. I love how hard it is, I love the controls, I love the style. I even like how there's a stealth mechanic (sorta). Good job team!


<deleted> responds:

Are you kidding me?

God that was fun! love the hotline games and i got to say you nailed it with it, gave me some rage here and there when out of no where a guy rushes out of no where a kills me, but still fun.
Hotline and madness was awesome blend to do.

Nice addition to the series. Hope to see full verison.

Hey Great demo, as someone who loved Hot 1 I really enjoyed, my only complaint is that the movement felt kinda wonky (too sensitive)

Solid demo, can't wait for the full release. The doors were kind of problematic though, perhaps make the area of activation for them a bit bigger? And maybe instead of Right Clicking to equip and un-equip weapons you could do the E key instead, Right Clicking to equip and un-equip a weapon is fairly unintuitive and it took me a while to figure it out, at first I assumed you just hadn't implemented weapons for the player yet for the demo but then I started dicking around and pushing every button to get a feel for the controls and it turned out to be Right clicking.

Holy crap this was fucking amazing. Keep at it, genuinely a PERFECT demo. Had tons of fun.

Personally the only problem I had was with the doors. They were hard to go through and often times I had to fiddle around them to get through.

Fuck I need the full version.

Good work, addictive yet brutal.

super game i love

Would love to see the full version!

Probably one of the best hotline miami clones I've played. Not sure what people are complaining about regarding lag. Great work! Lots of fun.

Jesuz is this fun, but hard! I love it! Can't wait for new levels!

Incredibly slow and laggy. But has great potential, good work!

Almost as fun as Hotline Miami! Minor lag when loading the game, otherwise no complaints, I'm just bad at the game.

no problems at all

No lag problems here, the only criticism I can offer is allowing the mouse pointer to exit the game play area. I'm not sure if there is a way to prevent this, but I find my mouse pointer will be off screen and so my clicks won't register which can be a little jarring. Otherwise, this is a really solid version of Hotline Miami, and really well timed for me because I JUST started playing the series again.

Keep up the great work, I'm excited to see where this goes.

Really surprising fun for something that seems so simple at first. Took me a while to beat it, but this is the perfect difficulty level. Really good, good luck on making it into a full game!

this is really great mate keep it up my dude

How do I kill those zombie-looking enemies in the final room?

<deleted> responds:

Shoot them

Amazing game.

Can't wait for it to release, but take your time with the development!

Absoulety no issue with those game! Demo like that?! I feel like it is not a demo game after five minutes play on that game and I only scored really less than my exam! I hope this game will be official release someday and then I will play it non-stop!



It's challenging and fun

this seems like hotline miami for NG

<deleted> responds:

And why 2 stars?

So good game,,, ...can you then add campaing mode and multiplayer campaing that would be awesome..I am gonna wait for full game tho love it <3

<deleted> responds:

I'm really planning to add the multiplayer mode (dm, tdm, coop) but it's optional.

addicting as hell

This is pretty cool and plays pretty well. I'd love to come back once the campaign mode is in!


I got a boner.

hard and good game !

wow well what is this THING


It's only Beta.. please make it happens


HOLY SHIT this game is as badass as the Hotline Miami games!
I wish i could toggle the "look further" button so i didn't have to hold it tho.

Too much lag even with all the options tuned to reduce lag as much as possible.

Based off one of my favorite games!
guns are pretty useless (for me the game dosn't run smoothly) and using then gives you a straight disadvantage since you can just hold m1 and nothing can kill you. In Hotline Miami you had to time them so you don't die first.
also the doors are pretty clunky.


Bit buggy but otherwise great game. hold left click to win

"Hot line Nevada"



Please fix FPS drops

<deleted> responds:

Can you send your PC specs? And also tell me when FPS drops

I found an glich if you throw a gun to the left corner at the beginning
it goes through the wall

A lot like Hotline Miami.

Very laggy for some reason, can't play it, but it looks great.

Super fun game, but there's this one glitch where you go to kill an unconscious person and if you get killed mid-murder you die but the person keeps getting hit.

It's a very well-made and addictive game. Love it!

A good demo! I've replayed it a few times and I'm still enjoying it.

I would add some randomness into which weapons enemies have when they appear-- not necessarily for all them to the point that it messes up intensity levels in the game, but some more randomness. The first enemy in particular should have a different weapon more often for replayability.

Incredible! I Dont Have Nothing More To Say!

nice is es awosene

Really enjoyed, except I kept clicking out of the window and dying as a result. Hopefully fullscreen can be added in the future. Other than that, incredible!

Man this is true Hotline Miami madness.

This game is a true Madness game! I hope you will make a full version, very hard, frenetic and mad, like a good Madness combat game!

My game seemed to like to lag a lot when getting attacked so i kept dying instantly.

<deleted> responds:

I'm still getting surprised why people don't send their PC specs and browser that they were playing the game.

Died so many times...but loved ever moment of it, has great potential.

Keep it going!

Cant wait till it fully comes out

Es igual al hotline miami y por eso me gusta

Mechanics are working well. There are little hiccups here and there, but this close to becoming something great. Other than that it's very difficult and I enjoyed it. Looking forward to full game as soon as it is complete.

Great mix of the two I hope to see more

The controls are sometimes unresponsive, and sometimes there's a glitch where you only see the start button on the menu, and you can't click the other buttons.

literally, hotline Miamis mechanics in the madness world, 2 for effort 1 for madness

Very nice, smooth gameplay (althought at x20 blood it was laggy at only a few moments, but I was asking for it), gory and fast paced. Looking forward for the full game!


Really fun demo.

Pretty solid

Wow Madness and Hotline Miami just go along oh so well

Really well made for a hotline Miami game. but not to much madness influence other than visuals if you ask me. i feel like if you could transfer the game play like this into a side view it would have more of a madness feel. or combos for melee.

my two favorite things combined?! yes please!

It looks very promising, however, the controls are slippery and the game is a bit laggy

Very good, the only problem is one hit die

its how hotline miamy but better

very good

Fun, but incredibly difficult, even after being armed with knowledge. Controls are very slippery, and enemies can kill you in a quarter of a second. The doors are a little buggy as well, not usually opening when you want to. However, in turn, the demo is extremely addictive. The fast paced, rather unfair gameplay is very exciting to play through to see who can get the highest kill count.

Damn, amazing passion project right here.
I feel like I'd just regurgitate alot of what is already being said if I just threw a bunch of praise towards this game.

I did encounter a single bug where an enemy was able to walk through the walls. It happened only once though doesn't seem very common but this game is nearly perfect as a flash game.

a little wonky with the hit boxes but I'm just going to assume that's due to the flash engine being so weak.
Best of luck to your project you guys.

Happy Madness Day 2018! I must say that I wasn't impressed by this. It didn't have any sound in the game. I tried it on two different computers and the results were the same. I'm not into "Hotline Miami". Well, you don't have to in order to appreciate a good game.

This was just too hard for me. I just wasn't motivated. It seemed too bland without sound. The graphics were still nice. I've just played a lot better.

<deleted> responds:

Did you check the in-game settings?

Круто продолжай ХИВИ БРО

it's ok, but can be better

<deleted> responds:

And what can you suggest me to make it better?

Pretty awesome and it's fun since it's so fast paced

AMAZING! Though, i saw a glitch where the fat guys (or zombies?) Went through the right wall and walked outside of the area a bit. Really looking forward for the full version! Happy Madness Day!

great concept and execution, though the controls need to be refined, i hope this gets better as development continues.

<deleted> responds:

Can you tell me more about controls in PMs?

While the game is very good, the sensitivity in my opinion is very bad and something that should urgently improve.

It reminds me of hotline miami its reeeeally good, but its really hard.

Nice game!!! Now i wanna play the full game! Happy Madness Day

nice,but you just kill them and thats it? Is there like a victory scene or something?Nonetheless great game my dude.

not a big fan of the top down view. The music is a bit flat, which is uncharacteristic of a madness game. However, Its WIP so maybe everything will be more polished by the time yall are done.

The game brought me back to when i played these games in highschool. plus the game had a nostalgic feel to the game hotline miami. your doing great things so please keep it up

Recreated the insanity of the hotline miami games perfectly. I've always wanted to see a Madness game in that genre. The art and music is really good and the gameplay itself is pretty responsive though the doors can be a little weird at times. Really fun overall, great work!

Can't wait till this becomes a full game! The soundtrack is amazing, the controls are easy to get used to, and there's a perfect mix between action and gore.

Took me about three tries to clear and on the third I not only beat the level but also unlocked all four medals. Guess my skill with HM helped me out here. Anyways you lose two stars for the doors being hard to get through, the fact that you can angle the swing of a melee weapon to hit enemies through doors making it easier, and how you hyped up this game excessively in CRM only to just deliver a demo in the end. Not to mention not having the controls listed is a big problem!

Hard, but enjoyable. Also try to puts few enemies in the full game, cuz of lag.


I always associated Hotline Miami with Madness Combat and I gotta say this is really, really good. I hope to see more in the future!

Pretty cool game.

this game kicks ass!!!!
i hope you make this in to a full game


its a really great game, only problem is, its a bit unresponsive, but that might be me.

Very smooth i like it!

A really, really, REALLY good Madness fan game.

The art is well done, the music is awesome and the gameplay is the cherry on the cake.

But there is one small bug, sometimes when I do a takedown on an enemy, their body dissapears and no blood comes out, and it looks like I am trying to kill the floor.

<deleted> responds:

Did you enable low detail mode?

A good parody, but prevents the fact that this flash game, and instant action with the keyboard and mouse leads to the fact that the page restarts, turns off, etc. Cold weapons are unstable. And so, the idea is gorgeous.

I hope to see a full version *.*

I'm surprised that this hasn't been done before(as far as I know). The only issue I ran into was the doors being super wonky, the detection was very strange and I found myself getting unfair deaths because a door randomly opened and a guy came running out of it. Regardless that didn't stop me from enjoying the demo, keep up the good work

Best Game Ever on Madness Day 2018

A pretty faithful recreation of the Hotline Miami style with a Madness style, nice. Wish I could fullscreen this, but apart from that, cool stuff.

Pretty good fun overall, but I think AI reflexes are a bit fast. (Unless Hotline Miami is like that, I haven't played it, so it might be) Also, are you supposed to be able to beat those mutants in that one hallway somehow? I've tried using melee to no prevail, but the SMG worked fine.

i just run the game but i must say one thing i love madness combat and i love hotline miami.

This is masterpiece, I really like how this game went zero to ten~


This is pretty good. Well, maybe a bit too fast paced, you have better chance just holding the mouse button with a melee weapon instead of shooting at something that walks with the speed of sound.

Also I'm not sure that the medals are working...

Edit: Alright, thanks for fixing that issue ^^

<deleted> responds:

Ah, because the dumb ass is sitting here and typing you a response. And he forgot to disable debug mode

Just love it! :)

not bad bitch but the game is too slow it is loading too much fucking slow and it's glitchy it's good and couse it's the demo so i wont judge it too harsh so five stars oh and btw it's too hard

<deleted> responds:

Can you not use "fucking" in each sentence?

Good Game

Gureito Daze

It was actually decent. Its gameplay is functional yet substandard, the music is fine but not particularly memorable.

what is the program that this game is created with

This is really fucking cool! I'm looking forward to the full game!
I don't know if this is just me, but my character did get stuck a couple of times, and I wasn't able to move.

<deleted> responds:

Go to the options and try to reset settings

Nice game! As someone who fucking loves HM, this is a godsend. However it is still a bit buggy and I would try to make the enemies a bit slower, like 10%

As a fan of Hotline Miami I really like the idea, the demo is fun BUT the game is way too fast and sensitive, most of the time I could barely know where was my cross, meaning that most of the time I could barely land the hits, but hey, this is just the demo, I really hope that you improve how sensitive and fast this game is

<deleted> responds:

Well you're the only one who complaints about the game's speed. Also nobody pretends you to make everything fast as you can.

Very cool!

It's a Great and Addictive Game !

Short and sweet. Just like this review. Four words: IT, KICKS, MAJOR, and ASS.

Very good game.

Looks pretty amazing


Absolutely, stunning. A great filler incident.

There's a glitch where the first guard you encounter can walk out of the map, other than that its a great game! 4.5/5

<deleted> responds:

Let's go PMs and you'll tell me more. Can you actually repeat the bug?

it is hard to move the mouse, but really good game! Edit : I BEAT THIS! SO HARD! FINALLY!

its fuckin badass

It feels really good to play. Capture's the Madness vibe and Hotline Miami's gameplay perfectly, and they work really well together. Only issue I have on occasion is not being able to see an enemy due to the color of the floor and enemies heads being very similar, but that may just be me. Overall, great work! I hope to see this fleshed out in the future!

Great work, feels really good and the graphics are on point. Kepp it up.

Fucking awesome.


Awesome job. The art is good, the music is amazing and the animation is tight. This is something that I would actually pay money for. GJ.

Really good a Hotlime miami/MC spinoff,but not without its flaws: I sometimes got stuck in place for no reason and had to press a directional key again to be able to move again,the game for now feels a bit too much like HM mostly because of the sounds,maybe making something that differenciate it more from it would be nice,movement doesn't feel bad but it doesn't feel smooth.
However it is a very good game idea,and feels kind of intense(and it could be even more!).
Keep it up guys !

i luv dis

Needs work, some combat stuff is clunky and doesn't feel right resulting in death a lot, but in terms of visuals and stuff and basic gameplay it is on P O I N T, cannot wait for the full release, I've followed development since the early days.

<deleted> responds:

Actually I'm planning to redraw all characters after this demo because I haven't update them since I was developing the game in May. And I'm learning my mistakes and trying to not repeat them.

great game, but the knife is a little op, you can just run around holding M1 and kill everybody

<deleted> responds:

Until somebody kills you

Already pulled off 20x combo NOW i am feeling ready for Hotline Miami even thou I haven't install them yet XD looking forward for your full game.

<deleted> responds:

It's easy to get 20x in my game. Also in the first HLM use the Zack mask if ya wanna get A+ on each levels.

fun little shoot em up, the gore is awesome, sound is good, the one hit kill element kinda sucks and just becomes a trial and error simulator by that point, but other then that, not bad.

<deleted> responds:

What can you suggest me with "Trial and Error" simulator?

Good game

grate game in hl miami setting

Love the Hotline Miami style gameplay, first level is a bit challenging but definitely fair. I really enjoyed Madness: Project Nexus and love to see it going this direction. 5/5 great job!

Awesome game 0_0

A few minutes in and I already love it, holy shit.

If possible, you mind if you can put the controls somewhere in the game/description? Would be super useful to have all that laid out instead of cluelessly guessing.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks! Yea, it's my bad about not giving controls. I'll put it on description! Also I think the games need some patches. Because I don't think medals work

Fuckin awesome! Love it! Cant wait for the full release




Stats, Info & More

4.25 / 5.00