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Legend of Tomato

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I started this short a couple years back with my best friend Ted, but we got sidetracked making VIDEO GAEMS & it got tossed aside. I jumped back in earlier this year and finished it. Enjoy.

Music track by the talented Sam English: https://samenglish.bandcamp.com/

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Such a very appealing animation you got here! Great work!

#ReferenceToFortniteTomatoHead EDIT: Fortnite was made in 2011 but the Battle Royale was made in 2017, so Tomato Head in Fortnite is like a toddler

siskavard responds:

I created this character before Fortnite existed XD

i love this site

Love how he has the hero's tunic on XD

Just one hit and it would've been impossible for him to ketchup! But all's well that ends well, and the legend lives on!

Suitable music for such a venture, and the animation: supersmooth. Creative and violent in ways you never saw before. Good eye!