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The Horror Game With a Working Title

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In this short adventure game (a point n' click without the pointing and clicking), you're a journalist investigating some strange deaths and disappearances.

This is Bitsy-inspired, and not Bitsy made. The graphics are rudimentary, and there's no sound.

Arrow keys control the entire game.
1. Walk upto objects and press towards them to look at, or use your current item
2. Walk over items to pick them up. You can only carry one at a time but walking over another will swap your item
3. Walk over an arrow and press in its direction to switch scenes
4. Down skips through dialogue

NOTE: You need to be fully over an item or arrow to use it
NOTE: There's no save, but the game is really short

Any bugs, please let me know and I'll get them fixed ASAP.

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I would kike it more if at the ending you had to return back to your car (kind of) but when you enter the pentagram room you a real demon and everything is painted red (for dramatic effect) and then it blacks out and it's the end. Maybe...