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Toasterball [Demo]

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This is an early demo of Toasterball, a multiplayer sports game with kitchen equipment and lots of toasted bread.

We have a lot more content planned for the full version of the game, including 4 players battles, cool toasters to unlock, and plenty of game modes to play with them.

We are a really small studio, so if you want to help us, check out the link below to get notified when the game is out!


About Us : Couch Game Crafters

We are three buddies from France, with a passion for the craft of game-making.

We love jokingly coming up with ridiculous ideas, and actually figure out ways to turn them into fun games, weird videos or any type of artistic oddities.

If you are a game developper too, you might know us from the short instructional GIFs we like to post on Twitter and Facebook (feel free to check out links on our user page)

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I played with my sister and we love it

Where's the rest of the game?

CouchGameCrafters responds:

Wait... What?!

I'm sincerely impressed by this demo. Sure, works needs doing but ultimately i like the idea and what you have accomplished so far. LuckyPuck had said it all already, not much more I could add. Maybe have a pre-start menu that utilizes many different options that affect gameplay (my first thought is Rocket League... change bounciness, toast speed, maybe a bagel instead of toast... lots of potential!). My first critique is that I didn't know what the game controls were, so that took a minute to figure out, but thats an easy fix. Perhaps for 4 player play you could have 1 player on each team be on the bottom of the screen, the others on top. Though you'd probably have to make the area of play much larger, considering how much area would be defensible by that setup. But thats up to you!
The visuals and the 3D likeness was probably what sold me on actually playing. I judged the game just by the name and wasn't even sure of playing it until I saw everything render. Actually very enjoyable to play and I hope your kickstarter does well and you develop a full version

CouchGameCrafters responds:

Again, what a comment!

Thank you so much Donut-Fergie. We have already developed some of your suggestion, but sadly, for optimisation reasons, they aren't in this demo :/ And thank you for other ideas, I'll write some on our "Secret Document Of Many Secret Ideas That We Won't Be Able To Release Within 2 Years Of Development Because There Are Too Many And We Are Only Two" !

Thank you for your time and your comment! We really appreciate.

i lost to my friend 2 times 5 stars

CouchGameCrafters responds:

Haha, we are really sorry for that!
We really hope that you'll lost him a third time in March 2019, when our game will be released! (the Kickstarter is in description)

Thank you very much for your 5 stars!

HA! Toaster ball! That's funny! For a demo, this is a GREAT start! I'm glad it's not the full version, because there's some ground to cover. Perhaps custom battles. (Race to a certain score, bigger/smaller toasters, extra/less bouncy bread as a modifier, have the button swap sides each time it is used, are a few suggestions of options the players could set.) But you're onto something good here! This will already be fun to play with a friend, or rotate out with multiple friends. Also, it's already an awesome drinking game! The short round, with the replay is the perfect rhythm to make a small victory, with the pause for the loser to take a quick drink. The music is catchy and adds to the engaging feel of the game. I'm looking forward to the full version.

CouchGameCrafters responds:


Thank you so much LuckyPuck, what a comment!
You took the time to write so many ideas and suggestions, it really helps us. I wrote it in our document (with your name on it haha), we'll see what we can do in the final version that should arrive in March 2019. It will depends on the kickstarter succes :/

We are currently on Kickstarter if you want to discover Toasterball univers through our video! And feel free to check out our Twitter/Facebook/Instagram!

Again, thank you so much for your kindness!
Best Regards

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3.83 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2018
6:51 AM EDT