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PhysRecti (HARD)

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Author Comments

This is a hard game and I have put a lot of work into it. Actually its the first Unity game I have made.


- made the screen size smaller to fit 1920x1080

- added an end screen
- made level 16 easier
- tweaked level 18 and 19 to be more understandable
- bug fixes:
- - fixed a bug where the momentum you had before
dying would carry over to your next run
- - fixed a bug where you could jump up to the ceiling right
after you died

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Whew. Alright, now that a certain game-breaking bug is fixed, I can give this a proper review.

On the surface, it looks very basic; you're a rectangle, and you move to the green square. Looking a little deeper, you soon discover the importance of its minimalism as a physics-based platformer... narrow corridors you can only pass in one particular orientation, momentum-based walljumping, etc. None of the levels itself are particularly hard, but the ones that are difficult aren't as such because of the player being inundated by random bullshit at the worst times; this game is very precise, such that some of the corridors you have to pass through only have so much clearance space, and too much or too little momentum can throw off your entire plan if you're trying to avoid the "lava" that surrounds many pathways.

That said, nothing in this game is insurmountable. The game does boast to be hard, and it is in certain places, but it's mostly a mechanical difficulty. If you have bad reflexes or coordination, some levels will take you longer to beat than others, but you will eventually beat it.

DilanB responds:

Thank you gdrocker for changing your review!

Best regards,

Was Ok till a certain point. Almost fun. Than the "thank you lukas" level killed it. Took me for ever. But i somehow managed it. View levels later the "world and player gets smaller". This level is just horrible. The wall jump is that unreliable. It totally kills the fun in your game. I start jumping up and with each wall jump to the other side i get a bit lower till i reach the floor again. How should this work? If i now imagine doing this multiple times because of the lava in the middle of the level ... eh, no, there are enough other games here on NG.

Also the game mechanism itself seems unreliable. It almost seems like the last thing you've done just before dying infects the next run. Sometimes i managed to jump up to the ceiling just after respawning. With this levels are ...

Oh yea, BTW, size is still too big. Hab to zoom out.

DilanB responds:

Thank you for the feedback LDeins!

I had a bad feeling about the "Thank you Lukas" level and as it turns out it is too hard. I will fix that.

In the level where the world gets smaller you have to do a one-sided walljump, sorry if it wasnt clear. It should be clear now.

I have found a bug fix for the "jump up to the ceiling right after you respawn".

The screen size is supposed to fit a 1920 x 1080 monitor.

Best regards,

Wow! Simple, but challening. The first levels were easy, but every level that passed was more difficult than the one before. Creative Leveldesign, that makes every level unique and different. Also... often you have to use a mixture of good luck and sensitivity to come to the end.
It´s super fun, I had to use my brain and it was something new for me. That´s why I review this game 4.5 from 5 Stars.
Great Work!!

This was fun! Simple concept and challenging.
Through the frame could be smaller instead of having the players the need to zoom out.
Also I'm not sure I finished the game: I have a 'level completed' screen so did I freeze or it that the end?

DilanB responds:

Thank you for your feedback yound!

Wow, congratulations! You have reached the end! The frame size is updated! I still haven't put an end screen at the end because i constantly think of adding new levels but unfortunately, I lack in creativity.

I have one question. How long did it take you to finish the course?

Best regards,

Credits & Info

2.91 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2018
1:46 PM EDT