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Eww, Zombos!

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Author Comments

You're a professional zombie exterminator. Yes, that's a thing. Get paid by the kill to defend helpless civilians from the undead.

CHROME USERS! There are some glitches that occur on this browser, I recommend Firefox until the issue can be fixed. Thanks!

Update 10/03/18
- Added a couple levels
- Added some new weapons
- Fixed some bugs

Update 09/21/18
- Made the USA levels more interesting
- Added a new zombo
- Various tweaks
- Bug fixes

Update 09/15/18
- 7 new levels
- Fixed bugs
- New weapons
- New enemies
- Misc tweaks

Update 09/13/18
- Fixed zombie stuck bug
- Tweaked weapons and prices
- Added new weapon

ESC: pause
Left click/tap: shoot
Buttons at top to change weapon

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Love the game, but there is a major bug. When you go to brazil and do the rich woman's party mission then no zombies ever spawn. It's just me doing nothing

Cool game but MAJOR BUG THOUGH, pressing outside the game window caused the rendering to freeze, but the game to keep playing, so you can't see any new zombies come up and nine times out of ten you will die because of it. Sometimes the freeze happens randomly. The game seems interesting but it is borderline unplayable because of this bug. Sometimes after I hit retry a bunch of zombies at the house remain where they are, and I get an inst-lose. I don't know if it is something wrong with my browser or if it was the game. Cool concept though.

-- EDIT --
I now played in on Firefox and I have to say this game is pretty fun. I think the bug I mentioned before happens specifically when zombies arise from the ground when playing in google chrome. At least the bug happened to me. My favorite part of the game is shooting birds and bugs from the sky.

How long are these levels

pikklgames responds:

The USA levels are kinda slow, but Brazil is more exciting. I'm working on making the USA levels more interesting. Thanks!

Lots of potential here.

The look of the game is great. The sound and music are good too. But the levels are long and boring. Level 1 is particularly boring. It might make sense in an 8 bit NES game where players have already invested by purchasing, but in a free game you're trying to keep people engaged, especially early on.

I like the speed of the zombies, so more obstacles and shorter levels might help.

The birds are a great feature.

The random gun switching glitch is real. I did not touch the arrow keys. If you made it so the infinite gun is automatically selected when you run out of ammo, this would help alleviate the glitch. Otherwise the gun often switches to an unloaded gun in bad moments. The only way to avoid the glitch right is to never use any other gun besides the infinite gun. Purchasing or not purchasing other guns does not affect the glitch. I'm playing in Chrome BTW.

pikklgames responds:

Thanks a lot! I will have to tweak the game to make the first levels more interesting. I'll probably make more zombie types and weapons available early on, since the slow zombies are too easy to kill. That glitch is weird! I'm checking it out.

I enjoyed it, but it gets boring fast. Every level can be beaten by finding the right spot and mashing the shoot button. There also is major bugs, for example, once I bought the rifle it would randomly switch to it even when I didn't click to change, I'd also suggest making it so you can use Q and E to switch or the numbers at the top of the keyboard.

pikklgames responds:

I've never seen that bug before, unless you happen to be touching the arrow keys, which triggers some old code I meant to turn off. Anyway, thanks, I'll check it out.

Credits & Info

2.90 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2018
12:40 AM EDT