Dodge It PICO

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Dodge everything by moving, jumping and dashing.

Controls : arrow keys to move, up arrow to jump and x to dash

Enjoy !

Here is my game of the week : Dodge It (PICO-8 version), made in 13 hours. It's a PICO-8 remake of my game Dodge it .

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great little game!
it reminds of "Just Shapes and Beats" but in 2D .

Dude, what's up with you and your wacky controls? Why does it HAVE to be X button to restart? I'm playing it with ARROW KEYS why can't one of them be used to restart??? Ridiculous.

Fast paced with tight controls, well done!
I think the game would have done very well with Newgrounds Leaderboards if PICO-8 supported it, I would have loved to try and compete for high scores with this!

good game
needs a hight score soo people get motivated to play more
and get better score
thats it

Creative and challenging game. I don't like most games made using the Pico-8 engine because they are poorly made and not well optimized, but this is a good example of the engine used right. The gameplay is challenging, but not super ruthless. The first game you play is kind of like Flappy Bird, where it just throws you into the game without a tutorial, which this game really doesn't need. The score count by seconds is okay, but I'm really interested what a leader board would look like for this game. Trophies would be cool too. The art is good, the animation was good, and the sound really sets up the fast pace of the game. The combination of horizontal, vertical and sideways lazers was cool. Good job.

Wombart responds:

A leader board could be cool, same for trophies, I will see what I can do.
Thanks for the sweet comment !

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