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The Wizard

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You are a bard named Tilvus, The Storyteller, and tonight you will sing in praise of a powerful hero of days past! (There's a total of 6 interruptions, can you get all?)

This here is my first attempt at making a text based game with Twine. It's pretty basic and I choose a bit of a niche concept for it. But I went through with it anyways, just for the XP Points!

I wanted to add music to it, but a bit too late I found out that the format I was using didn't support music. Yeah, I know, a game about bard with no music is kind of bad. Maybe in the future I'll add it.

Overall I consider this a semi-finished work. I wanted to move on to other projects and this was being more of a headache then I expected, so I kind of speeded up the work and left some parts I wanted to add out, so it isn't as good as it could be.

EDIT: Wow, I've made the daily 5th place! I can't believe this!

Cover art by ChaseSalmon - https://chasesalmon.newgrounds.com/

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Not what I expected at all, but once a text based game sucks me in I can't help myself, I have to see it to the end!

I played til they finally liked my song! The story is entertaining and funny in places (and yes, I chose the I want women option!), but this has some big issues- first thing is that the resolution is too large for my laptop screen (although the bottom is all empty space). Second, this needs thorough proofreading. The opening page has "it's great mines and their wise merchants"- there shouldn't be an apostrophe in 'its' when it's a possessive and 'their' feels like it's being falsely used as a synonym for 'its'. Also, "It's night time... cheer poured out the windowns". Aside from the clear typo, you're switching tenses (present to past) in the same paragraph, and this happens a lot.
Even just putting this through MS Word spellcheck will get rid of most of the typos, but taking a couple of hours to sit down and go over your story will definitely pay off for future projects.

Xuvero responds:

Thanks for the analysis, I really apreciate it.

I'm still trying to find a solution for the resolution problem: I left it quite large as to avoid getting some text to be left out of the embeded area in some passages, but I do want one that would fit on the screen.

And yes, I definitely should have done a better proofreading, and I plan on correcting this mistakes when I manage to spare some time. The MS Word thing is something that I really should have done, but I didn't think of it at the time, it was a mistake. Instead I checked it all manually, by myself, and as a result a lot of mistakes slipped through the cracks. I'm also looking for a more effective method of proofreading to use in the future.

Nice to see another text-based game here. Brings back memories.... Great idea, letting the player choose how the song goes, for better or worse.

Xuvero responds:

It's funny, at first I thought that using this concept instead of the usual "choose your own adventure" was a bad idea.

But apparently people really liked it.

A lot of fun, but needs a spelling check.

Xuvero responds:

Good to know you had fun, and sorry for the spelling mistakes. I had checked a few times before submitting the game, but some might have slipped. This game definitely could have been more polished.

I'll remember to double check the spelling the next time, thanks!

I don't think there is enough text based games, good for you for adding.

Xuvero responds:

Thanks! Hopefully I can get more on the way before long.

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3.40 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2018
8:39 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place September 11, 2018