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A Decision

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Author Comments

Made with Bitsy. My first (not sure if I can call this a) game, but it's something. I tried to deliver a message.
Instructions: Arrow keys to move. Bump into other people to interact. Doors: just walk through 'em.

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I wouldn't gab about the story but I know you could make more interesting gameplay and art using bitsy as I have used it myself once. It looks discouraging to see this game just locks you in a box of default walls.
Uncreative, also nbomb is your alt account

Unlike most of the idiots here who are harping about abortion and politics, I view this game as the lead being stuck in purgatory. the Man (or woman) has done some terrible deed and is suffering for it. regardless, the game is well done and is open to a wide range of interpretations. it amazes me that people like you are able to make such art with old 8 bit graphics. Kudos to you

Klonan responds:

Thank you for your positive review. This made my day.

while the format is somewhat interesting the message is first uninformed and pretty much equates to the average reasoning of people that are against abortion due to religious reasons and that is bad, that can't be called pro-life as you'd be most likely fucking up the life of two people and potentially the life of a lot of persons involved with them (family, friends, no to
mention the potential for fucking up of the unborn thing), calling that anti-life is more appropriate, if you want to force someone to live then you should be forced to care for said being, if you want to negate the choice of someone then take responsibility for that choice you're not letting them make, same goes if you're persuading someone of a "decision", second the message is innaccurate an abortion is not just a "decision" it's a procedure and it might be complicated, as is birth, ignoring that is right out careless and i'd say stupid you're failing at delivering a decent game (i don't need to elaborate on this right?) and also failing at delivering any relevant "message".

Klonan responds:

Thank you for taking your time writing so long a comment to express your opinion on something that annoyed you so much. I'd love to hear more about how I failed on this game (not the message, gameplay-wise), because as I said, this is my first time getting something done, and I intend on making more.

This isn't a game. It's pro-life propaganda disguised as a game

This is garbage

Klonan responds:

Thank you for the comment.
I'd have to tell you the truth, I didn't intend to make this a propaganda. I was trying to find a story that is suitable enough for this kind of game to work, and I came up with this. Not the best choice, I'd have to say, because apparently it didn't work too well for a lot of people.
Please give me some more advice on how to produce less garbage.

too edgy

Klonan responds:

Thank you for the comment. Although some like you might find this kind of message "too edgy", I do think that it's quite important, at least in my region.

Credits & Info

2.67 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2018
12:05 PM EDT