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The New Leeds Account: EP01

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2 roommates, Ronald and Tom that work together and might be lovers. They also have a robot named Globo the Robot. This is the first episode of their adventures.

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Oh, thats great!
Your animating skill is ammathing. Story is too random but it is ok.

Reminds me of Liquid Television, which is a good thing!

Random as hell, but held my attention the whole way lol! Man, I would love to collab on an animation with you!

RichardMather responds:

Thanks! A collab would be cool! I'm in the middle of a few things but when things cool down then sure! You do very cool editing too!

It is good to see two workers co-operate in such a way, handling an account in a constructive manner, accepting criticism to move toward greater business success. I am empathetic to their situations -- I too hate riding in other people's cars.

I know you asked for viewers' opinions, but isn't what the client wants what really matters? Success!

RichardMather responds:

Amazing response! Thanks so much! Really.

Very good

This was nifty love the characters and the "ART" style is really good, you sure do have a series here so go with it,
I wouldnt mind seeing some more elements like in the backround effects, But you have earned my respect on this one, good job here. but lets really get into this review now.

I wouldnt mind seeing some more elements like in the backround effects


RichardMather responds:

Thanks! I'll work on the back ground effects!