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Super Combat Squadron Demo

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A casual approach to the RTS genre; easy to learn and play with no base building aspects. The game focuses on capture points that generate resources, and controlling/positioning your units effectively.

Netplay only works on this version http://scs.laxviking.com:3112/

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I was really hoping this would be like Advanced Wars, but its RTS not turn based and the AI is merciless to the point I dont want deal with the learning curve. Worth a go if your willing to put the effort into it as for me I'd rather play turn based.

Not an RTS fan, and if i were to ever become one, this game surely is not going to do it for me. Great visuals, good soundtrack, but tosses you instantly into the battle without much more warning than a screen and, as a new player, that kills the starting interest for the game. Now you might be thinking ''oh well git gud son'' but think about this: this is a DEMO, a free sample of what's to come since the full product might end up on steam or something later, meaning it'll cost money, meaning that the smartest move for them would be to appeal to both ''experienced gamers'' and ''newcomers to the genre'', which as i've said, didn't do the latter. I know it's a demo, and i hope something is done about this, but for now the game didn't appeal to me, honestly.

So you want to play Z in your browser? Try this and get back to original ;) But graphics are looking nice.

I hate this game. It's like playing chess against an AI with elo 3000. Not only that, hotkeys work only half the time.

Would love to have a ns or ps4 version.