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Mini Wizard

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Rdy P1 5 Points

play game

Level 1 Complete 10 Points

Level 1 Complete

Level 2 Complete 25 Points

Level 2 Complete

Level 3 Complete 50 Points

Level 3 Complete

Level 4 Complete 50 Points

Level 4 Complete

Level 5 Complete 100 Points

Level 5 Complete

Author Comments

A young wizard must protect his world from machines. Learn new spells to complete levels

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It was fun

so the game itself is pretty fun I like the game and like that its all colorful I do think some splashy added effects aswell as some added medals for the game, Anyways fun game here

some splashy added effects aswell as some added medals for the game


Pretty nice little game for what it is. Once again, the graphics are as basic as they get, but the gameplay is decent.

This is a standard linear platformer where your objective in every level is to get to the end. To help you, you have fireball spell to attack enemies, and a double jump to reach tall platforms.

The level design is overall decent, never repetitive, always fair, but nothing unique or extraordinary.

If I were to make one big complaint, it's that a game over sends you all the way back to the beginning of the game. Why? Come on. Also, the "score" pellets behave and look exactly like projectiles, which led to me reflexively dodging them instead of collecting them many times.

Not bad game . I like this!

Not a good game. I really like the concept, but this is where you went wrong.
The checkerboard neon colors doesn't cut it for me. It makes the levels look generic and stupid. Think of something original! The enemies were kind of wonk, and you put them close together. Don't make the destroy-able blocks into points. Don't make progression the reward, make the end of the level the reward. So many obstacles slows the game down. The snow background is out of place and seems lazy.
Try and incorporate the Mini Wizard aspect of the game into the game better. I don't mind the mana bar, but you could improve it's usefulness. Increase space between obstacles. Spread things out. Try out a new mechanic or spell. Keep working.

Not sure what spawns the Level 4 or 5 Complete medals. When I played the game, I noticed it gave me the Level 5 Complete medal right away (even before the play game medal) and Level 4 Complete was also awarded before even the Level 1 Complete medal.

That left only needing to clear the first three stages to get full medals.

I'm not sure if this has been fixed or people just get free medals. Either way, it's better to incorrectly award medals rather than to cheat medals from the players once they'd completed the accomplishments, so if it's gonna be broken one way or the other, better this way I guess.

Still better for the medals to work the intended way, however.

itzjay2easy responds:

Hey, thx for the heads up. I just fixed it, along with a few other small things.