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The Lost Temple 2

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All Totems Destroyed 100 Points

Find and destroy all 120 totems

Good Riddance 100 Points

Defeat the Evil Guardian

Halfway There 100 Points

Find and destroy 60 of the totems

Perseverance 100 Points

Complete all 48 Secret Levels

Trophy Collector 100 Points

Collect 120 Trophies

Author Comments

In this second installment, the temple guardians come to you asking for help once more. The evil guardian has returned and you're needed to help banish him for good.

You need to find and destroy all of the totems, ready for the final battle!

Left/Right, Up (Jump/Start Minecart)
Down (Enter Doorway)
SPACE (Dismiss Text)

The gameplay is similar to the first, though this has an open-world vibe, and the levels can be tackled in any order.

The minecart has an AIRJUMP

I'm currently working on resolving the issues that some people have mentioned. I'll upload a new version soon.

I've been busy resolving a load of the issues that people brought up. There's little I can do about those difficult upwards jumps as it would mean a lot of reworking, though I'm going to take a look at them in the timed levels and see what I can do.

I've resolved a load of little bugs and I've removed nearly all of those difficult upwards jumps from the levels where there's a time limit.

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Fantastic game

There was some gliches with medals not working but seems to work, this was a nice platformer style A fantastic game indeed with a style all on its own, you have still created some nice details and elements that make it that much more fun of a platformer here was something fun yet different and even unique with a nice style, Here was another fun platformer game you really make it seem fun, So on that note I do want to say I had a fun experience with this game.


can confirm all levels can be cleared currently, though there's clearly something wrong in the way the game tracks their progress.
i have all levels cleared with all trophies obtained, and my current stats are:
levels: 125 of 120
trophies: 170 of 168
secrets: 53 of 48
i can confirm the number of cleared "secrets" increased every time i cleared a secret minecart level.
i'm assuming the difference is you can only clear the regular levels once by getting the totem, which disappears afterwards, meanwhile you can "clear" minecarts levels multiple times indefinitely.
unfortunately i'm not sure about the cause for the disparity in the trophy count.

i'm assuming the medals check those counters every time you load up the game, which is why even if there's issues with unlocking them, they eventually get awarded because the total number of cleared levels and trophies is above the maximum.
unfotunately can't say the same for the boss level. i've cleared it about 4 times but i still can't figure out how to trigger the medal to unlock;
i'm assuming because there's no counter to check if the boss level has been cleared or not when loading up the game again, unlike for the other medals. might want to look into that.

the game itself is fine, the only complaint are the ice physics in area F, with F008 being especially painful.
i'm glad they weren't used again in any of the secret levels.

minecarts levels aren't that bad, they have wacky physics but it's all a matter of getting used to them. there's also some bugs that actually help to clear them:

- touching any surface counts as "being on the ground", which means if you airjump into the ceiling, you can airjump again. i don't recall any level with a low enough ceiling throughout, but you can virtually airjump indefinitely as long as you keep hitting your head towards the ceiling.

- since the requirement to clear a minecart level is to go offscreen at the end of the level, you can clear a level even while falling off track near the end, as long as you go off screen.

a notable example where you can use these is secret 042:
near the end there's 3 spinning blades that are way too difficult to get through imo, especially since you have to clear the rest of the level again for each attempt.
fortunately the pit near the end is surrounded by walls, so you can actually clear the level by getting past only the first obstacle, fall into the hole, then continuously airjump into the right wall so you can "climb it" all the way up, and clear the level by going offscreen from under the railing.

EDIT: to get past Secret 42's red block on top of the incline (the one right before the trophy) you have to hold left to slow down, then jump right before it. it's not consistent but it works most of the times.
normally when jumping you keep momentum forward and jump diagonally. by slowing down before jumping you reduce the forward momentum to a minimum, which lets you jump vertically instead of diagonally. while midair you can still press forward again just to make sure you don't land straight into the red block again.

this is also used for secret 47 right at the start. there's two rows of three red blocks both on the track and above (basically a midair tunnel of 3 blocks's length). the only way to get past them is to slow down to jump vertically as close to them as possible, then while midair hold right to gain momentum and get through them. this is actually far more consistent than the one on secret 42, so it should be pretty easy once you understand how it works

Here's something to know. When medals award in-game they do not award on your profile at that time. In order to get them on your profile, reload the game and (re)play a level or two and wait around a bit. All 5 medals required this!

I would also suggest no more mine cart levels in any future games. I understand you are most likely taking inspiration from the Donkey Kong Country series (or maybe Pac-Man 2?) and it worked in those games, but those were by far the worst of the levels in this game.

In fact one of the mine cart levels (Secret 42) I'm not sure is possible because you put a red block that is way too high to jump but too low to roll under right up top of a steep incline before the trophy.

Fortunately the game bugs in the counting sometimes, such that it gives you more levels completed or more secrets completed than you've actually completed. That was nice because for example I'm not sure that (Secret 42) is doable as-is so that helped out. It seems to only bug in favor of the player, which is nice.

It's probably not a bad idea to give the player a tiny amount of wiggle room anyway and not require absolute 100% completion on a game of this difficulty. Anywhere from 95% to 98% should be "good enough". With how many stages there are and how difficult they are, this isn't unreasonable and it's not without precedent.

This is pretty fun and challenging and I like how you broke it down to small levels. Your previous game was a bit cumbersome, especially with the long in-between levels where if you screwed up, you had to start all over, again and again (almost rage-quit level of frustration). This one is nice being able to tackle levels in any order.

The ice levels took some getting used to. A tip, if you let go of the movement while jumping, you can land without sliding. One level (forget which) requires using a left-right 'glitch' to pass some spikes. Basically hold right for a few seconds and press left, then you can jump at full speed immediately. Only had to use that once, though.

Mine-cart levels were a bit annoying at first, but you can memorize the timing, more or less. Secret mine-cart levels were more random with the spinning spikes, so those may require a lot more repeats to get through. If you're close to the end and drop, as long as you pass the edge of the screen, it should pass that level.

Few levels that might be broken, Secret 31, in the middle where the trophy is, I can't find a way off that platform due to the spacing of the blocks up to the sides. Running off lands you in the fire pit and jumping, you always hit the block. Unless there is special technique, I don't see how to progress from this point. Can't get off that platform either way.

Area E, level 5, I can't find any way to the trophy. Unless it requires absolute perfect timing with the doors and the entry is right below, I can't find a way in.

Area D, level 3, as mentioned, can't find the trophy anywhere.

Kind of waiting to get those last three before moving onto the boss level.

Also seems to be a problem with Flash crashing if the game has been running a while. Not a big issue since you can just reload and the levels are short enough that you don't lose much , if any, progress.

Overall, a great, challenging game. Some levels are a cakewalk, others quite challenging, but overall nicely balanced.

JeffreyDriver responds:

Thanks a lot. I appreciate the detailed review. I'll look into getting the issues you mentioned fixed ASAP.

1. Secret 31 has been made a little easier
2. In Area E5, the trophy is actually very easy to get, so I haven't made any changes. A few people have mentioned this particular trophy. Don't overthink it!
3. Area D3 trophy is now in a prominent position
4. Still looking into the memory leak issue.

Love this type of challenging games. Especially the quirky jumping. :D

Can't seem to find the trophy in Area D 003 (World 4 - Level 3 - Minecart) though. Any clues?

JeffreyDriver responds:

Pretty sure it should be there somewhere. I'm away at the moment and so can't really check, but I will when I get back in a few days.

EDIT: Sorry! It wasn't there, so thanks for letting me know. I've now uploaded a new version with the trophy added to the level. Your saved game won't be affected.

Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2018
3:34 PM EDT