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Project Bomberman

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Author Comments

-----IF you wanna play the sequal, which sure is better, go here:-----


Original Discription:

Well since the new SUPER Bomberman R for the Nintendo Switch is out, i actually thought about to build myself a "Bomberman" game.

I worked all night actually to create this little game and i guess i did it well.

The rules are pretty simple but i explain them and how the game works:


Arrow Buttons = Move

Space = Place a Bomb

X = Detonator

- before a round starts, you will see 2 "scanners" which will scan the stage.

-- the first is creating breakable walls with a 50% chance

-- the second one places a number of monsters (Level One begins with 6 plus 1 for every next stage - so this scanner may takes a bit longer from time to time...)

- Destorying a block and you have a chance for a POWERUP (X Chances out of 200):

--- Bomb Up = 10,5% (21 Chances)

--- Fire Up = 10,5% (21 Chances)

--- Speed Up = 9% (18 Chances)

--- Spike Bomb = 9% (18 Chances)

--- Kick = 9% (18 Chances)

--- Detonator =7,5% (15 Chances)

--- West = 7,5% (15 Chances)

--- Wallpass = 7,5% (15 Chances)

- If you "burn" yourself or touch a monster, you lose a life AND one of EACH powerup!

- Goal is to destory ALL MONSTERS!

I created 8 monsters (comming close to the original game), the 2rd, 3rd and so on will appier in in stage 2 and so on, you kinda play it endless. the max of each power-up is 8 bombsup, 8 fireup and 4 speedup - all the others are 1 time active (WEST IS A TIMER OF 60 SECONDS!) . Clear a stage gives you 1 Life!

I hope you enjoy it! i really took some time creating it.



Q: The detonator explodes all bombs at ones and not every single bomb like the original!

A: I tried to work on that but that did not work out. I explained that in the manual that the detonator in THIS game explodes all bombs at ones so, sorry but thats how it works in this game.

Q: I dont get X item / the item X drops to often!

A: the items have a random drop chance. Every item has X chances out of 200 in total. the chances are, again:

--- Bomb Up = 10,5% (21 Chances)

--- Fire Up = 10,5% (21 Chances)

--- Speed Up = 9% (18 Chances)

--- Spike Bomb = 9% (18 Chances)

--- Kick = 9% (18 Chances)

--- Detonator =7,5% (15 Chances)

--- West = 7,5% (15 Chances)

--- Wallpass = 7,5% (15 Chances)

Q: When do i see the other enemyyyyyyyyys???

A: The Enemy Scanner will know if you finished a level. The Enemy Scanner also uses now a "rarety" system for each enemies (more chances = higher spawn chances) and when they appiers first

--- Bloons 1 Chance (Level 1)

--- Blobis 2 Chances (Level 2)

--- Gimons 3 Chances (Level 8)

--- Slimes 4 Chances (Level 4)

--- Conos 5 Chances (Level 5)

--- Ghosty 6 Chances (Level 6)

--- Spikey 7 Chances (Level 7)

--- Blockos 8 Chances (Level 3)

In other words, You will see Bloons in level 1 and so on and Blobis from level 2 and so on. Most "common" enemy will be Blockos since they have the highest spawn chance.

Q: The red line on the right is a timer right? Is it game over if it runs out?

A: No. Its a bonus timer but not a round timer. You can play the round as long as you want as long as you dont die but if this timer is up you will get no bonus points for this round.

Q: What kind of Bomberman IS that???

A: Its classical Bomberman ala its original from 1983 which should come close to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ9Pu9Usk5o

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I like the idea cause bomber man is really fun but I just tried to record and play it was hard to see maybe you could use a zoom in and side scroll with maps? like the orginal?

WAtheAnum responds:

hello there!

well since thats not a (easy) thing i can actually do or "redo" with clickteam fusion, i would have to make a whole new game based on it, WHICH i might "will" do. Sure i can see you have problems with this games "size" since yea, it is really a bit small. I will maybe made a 2nd version with way bigger sprite art and better stuff/style. still thank you for the feedback! :D But you said you want do record it? what for? would be nice to know tbh :3

I like it, was always a fan of the Bomberman type games. Although, there is a rather frustrating issue that I found through my play through. It seems that since the movement mechanics are so fluid, not block dependent like games of this normal style the character seems to get stuck sometimes. Basically I mean since your movement set up is "steps" and not one block to the next, it one isn't lined up exactly with space in between two steel walls you end up getting sort of stuck, which sucks if you place a bomb and get stuck and die because of it...

Otherwise, game was smooth and fun. Keep up the good work.

Rated 3,
the game is pretty great (its just not my style of game)
If I liked the bomberman series or any game like this, then I would for sure love it!

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2018
4:26 PM EDT