GAY NATION: a Gay Game for Gays [GAYS ONLY]

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In the year 2028 US tension with russia has been steady growing. After "Blonald Drumpf" finished his second term, USA elects a democrat president. Russia president "Butin" is not happy about this, and Russia prepares to launch a secret weapon... THE GAY BOMB

The gay bomb was very successful. Most straights are now gay. But Some have rare genetic defect preventing them from becoming gay. The newly elected majority gay government has put out an order to rid the world of any remaining straights.

Take on the role of Andrew, an elite gay soldier tasked with hunting down any straights not affected. Andrew is sent to a high school to investigate rumoured straight activity. But this mission will be anything but ordinary...

Please buy this game so i can pay my mom back. or i will be grounded.


- play through the first part of this epic visual novel set in a world turned gay
- very good anime graphics
- many original characters (andrew, rui, sakura, samuel, teacher, and more)
- great soundtrack to set the mood
- save/load system to relive your favorite scene
- dialog history to review the story at any time

This is chapter 1 of gay nation, all other chapters are available through our patreon http://patreon.com/dankboigames

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dankboigames responds:

that is cool i hope u enjoy gay nation

kind regards,
dank boi

So bad it's good.

I couldn't resist playing just another few minutes to see what crazy shit would happen in the game. Definitely 5/5.

Yes, what is it, I am naked

I want to answer every phone call like this from now on.

suit up homos,, we got a war to win

I'm not going to lie, I actually had this game on my Steam wishlist, I was so excited to play this with my friends and have a big ol' jolly laugh with them making a drinking game of some sort. Yeah judging by my rating you can probably tell I'm extremely dissapointed on how it ended up.
The game is bad, and you want to know the worst part? Every ounce of criticism this game will get will be deflected as "no but it's meant to be bad you just don't get it." or even a more idiotic "lol get triggered trolled epic style" and most of the reviews will be ironic unhelpful and just as unfunny garbage. There's nothing wrong with trying to make the "The room" or "Birdemic" of Visual Novels, but this one is way too incosistent in terms of quality.

The game starts off great, I just love how you hid the actual watermark in paint, the way Dank Boi games repeats itselfs and then gets cut off followed by a collage on how this game got banned on steam; it's fucking genius, it sets up the game perfectly and got my hopes so high they only could come crashing by what happened afterwards. The rest of the game... man I don't know what happened, almost everything fluctuates between passable to fucking awful trash. Let me explain, I would say a VN is usually divided into parts; art, sound, writing, player interaction, length, and overall enjoyment. So how does Gay Nation bare against these criteria?

First of all, Art direction, the backgrounds for some reason are high quality, I know for a fact that the backgrounds, characters and pretty much everything in this game is assets from other people and not made by you guys, but if you're trying to make a shit game why would you have high-quality backgrounds. The characters have too much of different artsyles and quality that they don't fit together, it's super jarring seeing samuel and the teacher (which already have vastly different artstyles) and then going to Tyler and Andrew (which also have different artstyles so you now have 4 different artstyles in 2 lines of text). There's characters that have different outfits and they just feel off and poorly made like you just copy and pasted the outfit in front of the characters. The ??? guy and the unknown girl are poorly edited and still have tidbits of white and grey around them, the fact that it's just a bit and isn't really relevant makes me think this isn't actually a joke. The buttons in the entire game just look awful, the menu button (a cog with a hole in the middle) isn't even fully transparent and again, if you're going to make 1 thing shitty you gotta make it all, why when I go into the menu the only buttons that are edited are Save and Load, 2 out of 6. The end card is just lazy and uninspired, black screen with a jpg and 4 lines of text, 2 buttons which both open your patreon. Same with the menu, it just look bad. The credits also look bad (yes I went throught them) with two jpgs of the gay earth flag, which really don't make much sense since the bomb was only dropped in the USA

Next up is sound direction, I don't have much to say about this one, it's music from someone else but they have the rights to use it. It's just passable and will probably will never be something better than that since it's not custom made for the game. My main gripe with the sound direction is the important lack of sound effects around the game; I believe there's only 1 sound effect (a gunshot). I will go into more detail on the writing section as this factor is actually very impactful on the writing.

Now here comes the good part, the writing, it is, for the most part, abysmal. First of all, it hasn't been proofread, there's way too many mystypes(None girl, beleive,etc); forgotten punctuation(phrases ending without dots, no use of comas in long phrases.), wrong capital letters (sometimes they're missing and sometimes there's two of them.).
It's incosistent with it's own world, the game is suppossedly set in USA but for some reason they're going to a "Japanese name" high school and they visit a "Japanese named" station later on, there's normal students named "Japanese name" but some students in the SAME school are named "American/English name". There's also the problem with JPG of the gay planet because it's stated that the bomb was only dropped in the USA. It uses way too much the (insert action here), when it could use sounds instead or even just not put them (speaking into the phone) is useless if the character is alone it's already implied that they're talking to someone offscreen. (hangs up) (phone ringing) (slaps your ass) these are all sounds that could be implemented but instead you guys decide to just type them, but when there's a gunshot you use a sound effect? (classroom claps) is obviously making fun of the fake stories where everyone claps in the end, still adding a sound effect would just make the experience better in the long run, just don't overuse them for a joke.
Now onto less nitpicky writing problems, characters are poorly developped, same with the world, we get some infodump by the teacher each day and it could just be implied or shown in a more interesting way, it's also not funny if that was your objective. Samuel and the teacher are not characters just props, same with Sakura and every other character that isn't Tyler or Andrew (which are somewhat explored even if by a tiny amount and not really well done). The plot is messy, for most of the game it's just a bunch of events happening randomly and you just gotta deal with them, but suddenly it actually gets good and has a good plottwist which is surprising, it pokes fun at a lot of current political stuff and overall is very satisfying to know that the mc wasn't a retard and actually there was a reason behind it (and the poor decision making and writing of the first half). I really wish the rest of the events in the game where as good as that one. It's actually amazing the quality spike the game has in that event alone, like it has everything going for it, it even has the only sound effect in the game. Just make the game more like that scene and less like the highschool or outdoors scenes. Then it goes back again to being just plain bad and trying to hook you in with a shitty cliffhanger. The first half of the game is just poorly written but you could excuse this with the "twist" so it gets a pass but I would still try and give it a read or two so you can fix some stuff like the interaction between sakura and Andrew are just awkward and poorly expressed.

Next up is player interaction, and it's so close to none, just the same as the sound effects, there's only one interaction the player can have, and it's just so you can get time-looped back into the main track. This game doesn't let the player decide what to do. Be it answer stuff like you shouldn't and just get ignored and forced to say the correct choice to move on with the story or just have 1 or 2 extra lines or dialogue that don't change anything because this game probably hasn't flags implemented yet. So you just sit there reading and picking the correct choice the entirety of the game as the player as no control in any situation.

This demo only consists of a single chapter of the game, I believe the game is only 2 chapters long with a chapter 3 being DLC. Even with only a single chapter I feel the joke goes on for too long until you get to the good part, this is partly fault of the pacing as it's awful, focusing way too much on tiny useless events rather than the important ones that actually progress the story. I'm not sure if they're planning on having more chapters but if the game is only 3 chapters then I don't know if the length will be much of a trouble. I would say the ideal length for a meme/joke VN is around 1-3 hours, and this one took me around 15-20 mins so it should be fine.

Lastly but not least, overall enjoyment. Did I have fun? Absolutely, there's actually some genuinely fun interactions and dialogs in the game. But what really stood out to me where the more experimental ones. You having to click on Rui and the little chase sequence on the bathroom are so ridicoulous that I couldn't help but smile, as they just brim with actual motivation in doing something enjoyable and funny. It really saddens me, as I said at the start of the review, I really wanted this to be good, and there's actually lots of potential for it to still be good but it will need a lot of work and willpower for you guys as there's a lot of wrong with the game right now, I don't know if you guys have fixed it in your Patreon version but if this was the quality you guys were selling to your patreons then I would be ashamed and I would try to correct it as soon as possible.

So overall it's a short-length mostly poorly written visual novel with no interaction with the player, average music and nonexistant sfx, clashing artstyles that are not funny nor good looking to be acceptable. But still it's charming in its own way and shows tons of potential; but perphaps a lack of motivation by the team. What I would suggest is, use your patreon money to contact some artist, use stock music as it's passable and get some royalty free sound effects (you could also record yours). Have someone that actually knows what he's doing read and fix most of the dialog for the game. Play some Visual Novels so you get experience to actually know how to do flags and player interaction. I didn't have troubles with the coding so just keep going at it even if it isn't actually complex in any way. It all depends if you guys actually want to make a funny shit VN or just a shit VN. Well I don't know I hope you guys read this review atleast if you aren't planning to fix your game. I've already wasted more time typing this out than you guys probably used proofreading your game.

dankboigames responds:

hi thank you for this detailed review i hope we can address some of you concerns. i will start off by saying, in video games there is no shortage of games that try too hard. so with this game, i wanted to do the opposite: to try less.

ART DIRECTION: while the dichotomy between various high and low quality assets is intentional, it is admittedly a result of publicly available assets, by nature, being of varying quality/style. any artifacts around the graphics, while not intentional, certainly do fit with our intended style. there were many issues noticed within the game that were not intentional, but have been intentionally left unfixed because i thought they fit with the style of 'trying less' (such as grey artifacts on characters).

also this isnt as relevant for the newgrounds version, but since the game does come in .exe form as well, we intentionally drove the quality down by choosing a non standard resolution (1.5:1).

much of this game is making decisions that are intentionally bad. i believe there is a difference between something that tries hard to be good, but is bad, and something that is intended to be bad. that is up for judgement though.

SOUND DIRECTION: i agree that more sound effects are needed, later chapters have incorporated more of this.

WRITING/CHARACTERS: the typos such as "none girl, beleive, etc" are fully intentional, as explained by certain events midway through the game. as for the japanese names within the game, this is just a joke of sorts, since visual novels overwhelmingly take place in japan, or are created by japanese studios. many other things are intentionally incorrect (such as the "gay planet" image) to fit with the intended style of the game.

we choose to intentionally break the 'norms' for things such as character design etc. proper convention would state that everything has a purpose, every character has a purpose, etc. instead, we choose to introduce events that ultimately have no meaning (i hate the shotgun over the mantle trope) and characters that are basically props. whether or not it works, or if you like it, is up for debate. but it is intentional.

much of the story is written in a very unrecommended way: line by line. there is no storyboard, no overall direction: ideas come into my head and i string them together in a way that hopefully makes sense. again, this approach is significantly less effort. this goes along with our "try less" philosophy and perhaps ends up with a differentiated product compared to what else is out there. as another reviewer stated it is very "ad lib" in nature in that we're just making it up as we go.

chapter 1 should have probably ended at the point you mentioned (before it got 'bad' again), more content was added to lengthen the game. so there is some weird pacing there, i agree. that part was not intentional, but also not something i will go back and fix, staying in the spirit of the game.

PLAYER INTERACTION: i fully agree with you here. there is very little. mostly this is because, it was a mystery how the game would be received, or if it would even be allowed on steam. so, i did not want to put too much effort in. forking paths and dialogs etc take significant amounts of time. for future chapters we plan to add these features (and more) in, since there is some interest in the game.

OTHER: i am glad you enjoyed the 'experimental interactions'. these are things that are intentionally stupid and not something you would see in mainstream (or even indie games) due to quality control.

the first portions of the game indeed slog on but this is intentional. many people will dismiss the game as 'shit' before getting to an interesting part. but for the people who sit through it, they will be blindsided and very surprised by the big reveals - as you were.

a big part of what we intended to do with this game is embodied in the sudden shift of quality. i believe it makes the events much more interesting and powerful. at the very least it is a unique approach i dont think has been tried before.

FINALLY: ultimately i think having a consistent art style, proper writing, etc within this game would go against what im trying to do here. again, this entire game is very experimental in nature and made to break the norms of writing/game design/etc.

we are planning to do another VN maintaining some of these ridiculous/nonstandard elements, but putting much more effort into it. that is: having a consistent art style, more focus on quality storytelling, proper player interaction, flags, etc. maybe that would be more up your alley since you enjoyed the brand of humor but not some elements of the presentation.

and again thank you for your writeup, it is much more interesting to read than the 0 star reviews made by people that only looked at the title of the game.

kind regards
dank boi