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Baliens (A lost game)

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(This is not very good, and was made by 12yr old me.)

Arrow keys to move

Spacebar to shoot

Ctrl key does ???


You are a hobo who simply lived on the streets, till you were abucted by aliens! Now you must fight your way out of thier spaceship and escape!

The reason why this exists :

Me and my friends made a gamemaker game during a summer course once, unfortunately it was so bad and actually mentally tormented my friend so neither of us even attempted to archive it or play it when it was finished. But one day in 2018 i decided to contact the program who had an archive of the game, and here it is. Please don't blam this

Downloadable full version : https://blackrocket.egnyte.com/dl/H1ByF70NbP

Full game resources :


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I liked the game

I love the story of this game.
Sounds like a fun adventure, a hobo who lived on the streets and then got abducten by aliens and now has to find his way out of their spaceship and escape.

When I played the game however I had no clue of this, As I just saw a wizard in a platformer.
It would have greatly improved this game for me if you added the intro story of this game before the game starts.
The platforming in this game is playable and has good points, some blocks disappear, there are different kinds of enemies. However I found myself very frustrating, as I barely had a moment to just catch a breath and observe my environment. In the beginning the blocks immideately disappear and when I pass the first door I constantly get attacked by enemies
and also a new circle enemy that I never got too understand.

After a certain amount of frustation I couldn't help but quite the game unfortunately.
That being said I think this game could be a lot of fun. What if the platforming would start out easy with just save blocks and passing doors then later on you introduce the disappearing blocks, and then enemies? And you kept giving small story pieces every so many progressions. This way I would be able to enjoy this game and its story way more!

TreehouseINC responds:

Thank you, this is a lost project of mine and if i were to go back and alter it i would have implemented the story a thousand times better and refined all the enemies and such. All the faults in the level design and platforming are things i must have not thought through and play-tested those years ago. But i'm glad you enjoyed it!

"404 not found"

Is this a joke?

TreehouseINC responds:

Is that an error you get when you start the game? It's working on my end, when you hit spacebar it gives you a 404. That screen of the game is missing somehow, must have been lost while recovering it. Just hit enter to start the game.

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2.48 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2018
12:00 AM EDT