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Art & Gamedesign
Me / WAtheAnum

"the Internet"

Music (Maingame)

So you think youre HARDCORE enough to have some classical fun, eh?

Heheh well then enjoy~

DAREDEVIL is a homage at all the classic games ala "Berzerk". Goal of the game is it to finish a room, survive the hords of enemys, getting the switch and escape.

Its a endless runner game but classical-hard.

You have only 5 lifes and 5 bullets (the red bar next to your lifes at the bottom left) but dont worry, at least your bullets regenerate over time.

- Get to the switch to open the gates!

- dont stay to long in one room! You WILL regret it!

- Shot carefully! It gives also BOUNCY Walls!

- You can destory any walls by shooting it at least 4 times! (they will change color everytime you hit them)

- DONT touch the walls! they will shock you to death!

The titlescreen explains the gameplay and score table and controles so wait a bit there and the title changes to explain it :D

WASD To move
ENTER to shoot

Enter at the title to start a game
H for the Highscores (and H again to leave them!)

Hope you enjoy~ Its really fun to play but again, CLASSIC HARD! :D

So are you HARDCORE ENOUGH? :3

Small Fixes. Mostly, The Switch was somehow able to spawn infront of or behind walls which made it kinda hard to find it in the first place. now i made it that the Switch "destorys" all smaller walls around it so that is should be easier to find it.

Another thing i made is actually round up the room timer.
The spawn time from every object is about 2.50 seconds so i made it now that the game timer begins about 2.50 seconds NOT including the spawner time, which was original the case. So that means, you have now a room time from 32.50 seconds BEFORE the "Warning" comes - and 37.50 Seconds before the first Regnat spawns.

Another thing i also made, the Regnats wasnt really a big problem after they began to spawn so that it only forces the player to move around - well then, NOW if you take WAY to long, they WILL begin to move faster so that you will not be able to out-run them anymore~

Hope you enjoy this patch hahaha! >;D

I fixed some problems and actually add 1 more life (so 5 lifes now in total) at the beginning. The Walls should also spawn more "centerd" (grid-like at least). I also added a 50/50 chance if you kill all enemys in the room that you get next to the regular 500 Point bonus also a Life but again, its a 50% chance~

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Nice Job! a very good retro game reminds me of an atari in terms of graphics,Im not very good at it howeve.

Credits & Info

2.70 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2018
7:48 AM EDT