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Retro Convoy: Retro Raiders

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Rege and Jacc test out their new weapon system on some unsuspecting space raiders.

The story so far...

Rege and Jacc pilot the Retro Convoy, an 18-Thruster class ship. They create and sell retro, a brand of media sold for goods and services in the Outer Colonies.

The Outer Colonies is under constant influence from the Intergalactic Polaris (the IP), a massive self-sustaining vessel that provides entertainment and comfort in exchange for your creative rights.

Retro Convoy chronicles this story and many other side-stories in a collection of shorts, comics, memes, and more, that is built out day-by-day.


If making a profit was my goal, I wouldn't be making animated shorts on the internet. Self-sufficiency, though, is a goal of most creators, and any and all support is appreciated.


Thanks for being here!

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Otherplanetary food sounds pretty interesting. XD It starts easily, moves onto an unwanted enemy encounter and then... unexpected fatalities too. XD The style of animation makes for easy comedy, though that tension dissipates fast, even with the brooding music! A short but entertaining ep.


This was a really awesome toon please keep making more!

The animation is quite good, and I really like the colors. The concept sounds interesting too. There's just something that feels off about these guys. Like, they feel kinda boring. There is a bit of humor in their boringness and how they're so casual and uninterested though. It just felt kinda weird. And with their lips being os small, sometimes it looks like they're not moving, so that can be a little off-putting. I can't really sense a style of humor in this, when that mini-montage of them shooting started it was really weird. Maybe if it was a bit longer it would feel more natural. The squelches and gibberish as food was a bit funny though. It feels very Rick and Morty.

KelthorPower responds:

I appreciate the focused feedback! Still trying to nail the tone, which will hopefully come about on further projects. I'll be re-doing some of the character features when I make the jump to Eevee on Blender 2.8, so I'll definitely consider making the mouths bigger.

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3.26 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2018
12:14 AM EDT