Sexy Beats & Sexy Eats

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Major love for the permission to use this music: RIP 4cat

Nothing's uglier than witnessing me devour a delicious sub, I just assume it's the same for sexy people too. Also **** bird head masks.

Barely making the deadline AGAIN, I started day one when this was announced, came up with the idea, and shelved it til the last 5 days in lieu of other projects. You may have also noticed a bunch of Sublo & Tangy Mustard plugs, I ****ing love that show and will shill out any day for it. And truly, is there anything uglier than product placement?

A lot of the progress was made Sunday night on a twitch livestream:

Put me through college:

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Oh my gosh, I love how this is a sublo and tangy mustard refrence. YES! Make it longer!

A subtle Sublo & Tangy Mustard homage here? :D When the first person popped up I wasn't expecting that, but with the girl... I wasn't expecting the twist. XD Moral of the story: don't eat with a mask on? Eat while you can, cause you never know when you might choke and die on your sub?

Also I wish I could eat that much and still be that sexy. Love this.


Really nice one ! And actually unlike 4cat, I like the music c:

This is the cleverest, most entertaining come-on for a Ko-fi I've ever seen.

Brandy! where the hell you come up with this!?! Its beautifull!

BrandyBuizel responds:

My worst ideas come out during my morning run while battling possible heatstroke, so I'm gonna go with on my morning run while battling heatstroke ;)

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Aug 27, 2018
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