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My Dad's Car

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They don't make em like they used to

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Hidden Agenda Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

End Music by Mark Jay

Sound Effects:

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do you have any photos of the car? if so post them on twitter plz

the rusty tred haha.

this definitely cracked me up and lemme guess is it a subaru turismo? either way boy did that sound bad heck 100 dollars with no repairs done,literally falling apart and lasting 2 years? now thats a quality vehicle


So this was pretty good you have made a few of these now and they are pretty entertaining, the "VOICE" and narrating was a brilliant idea here, Love these little and simple characters with some very nifty design about them, and as always I would still suggest some subtitles as it would be a nice liitle measure or option for this film, anyways nice work it was funny and entertaining.

I would still suggest some subtitles as it would be a nice liitle measure or option for this film


Hmm suddenly the possibly profitable idea of buying cars just to scrap them comes to mind... I need to do some further research on this topic! As for the sketch: probably most entertaining one yet. Or in a while. This year, possibly? I forget, but hilarity like this coupled with the authentic dangers thereof seems rare. Witty retorts for all possible situations too in the son/dad conversations. Much enjoyable! Glad you survived all those cars growing up and lived to tell this tale about them.