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Game 2 - Timing

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It's strange that so many people complain about lag. My machine is an oldie (Tested this in Chrome on a 10+ year old Windows 7 system), yet everything seems perfectly fine to me (and I have my share of experience with lag on NG). Rating this poorly based on a lag issue seems unfair, especially since the voice acting, the artwork, the programming are all pretty well done.


The graphics look fine. But the game seems broken, at least on Firefox. TThe game is lagging: I can see the graphics frame by frame. It is also difficult to write this review, since I see the text about 10 seconds after it was typed.

Normallly I would rate "0", becaue it was not playable. I gave it a "2" because of the nice impression: Graphics, main characters, easy instructions at the very begiinning, and different toi other games..

Unfortunate lag.

For me it's very slow too. Too slow for being playable.

I like the graphics, the style feels sort of...metallic, I guess. The sound effects when you hit something add to that feel. They're pretty satisfying. The style really gives you a sense of a different world, like your own little strange place. Also, props to you for having voice acting. It's pretty good too! One problem is that sometimes the characters don't have a break between lines, so the moment one finishes, the other starts. Occasionally they even overlap a bit. The main "campaign" is a nice way to pass a bit of time, while endless mode is nice because it's longer, but could be a bit more difficult. The foxes don't show up very often so you're mostly facing frogs and squirrels, which can get kind of boring. Even the squirrels take a while to show up. Maybe increase the challenge and ramp up the pace a bit. Considering the movement speed making the shots cursor-guided was a good idea. There's one thing you should tweak. The enemies shouldn't be able to hit you when you shoot them. So squirrels shouldn't be able to shoot, and others shouldn't directly hit you, though it might actually be better if the squirrels can still hit you to add some challenge since they usually miss anyways. Maybe make their homing better, at least in endless mode. Maybe also add some medals and leaderboards as extra reward and incentive. One thing that annoys me is that in endless mode, you don't move your hand around to shoot. It's a small detail, but it just annoys me as an inconsistency. Overall, it's a simple but pretty fun game that might need more challenge and some slight tweaks. I quite like the style.

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3.18 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2018
12:30 AM EDT