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The Twilight

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Author Comments

A rage game created on construct 2 by me...

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I'm sorry to say, but I barley played the first level, and it was already becoming stupidly hard. I honestly don't know why people play this. I don't believe that level 2 is possible. Unless you're hacking, then that makes sense. But you ARE the creator-

As far as being a rage game goes, you've certainly got a bit going for being upsetting. As for being functional as a game, there's a few issues that I feel make it a bit less frustrating by design and more of frustrating by execution.

For example: The way the keys stick to one direction when using the keyboard make the movement feel pretty claustrophobic. When dealing with the moving ghosts, especially, I often felt like the reason that I wasn't getting past them at first wasn't because of my inability to time correctly but rather because I was getting faked out by stiff controls.

Another thing: certainly aspects of a game probably shouldn't be randomized. Going back to the ghost level, I managed to clear it by simply holding the Up key and running into my death over and over again until the randomization of their speed meant that my character ran right passed them. Took less than a minute.

The slimes level was also certainly frustrating because of execution. Making somebody perform pixel-perfect movements is a classic way to cause rage, but after examining that none of my character's visible pixels were on a collision course with a slime's visible pixels and I still got hit I understand why people think that this level is unbeatable. I can only imagine something like this is either due to a glitch or intentionally unclear collision masks, both of which are a death sentence for a rage game. If the game feels genuinely unbeatable then the response isn't going to be rage- it's going to be somebody unenthusiastically closing the game and moving on to the next one; especially so early on as the second level, when the player is nowhere near invested enough to want to see the whole game through.

Once I realized I couldn't trust the visible pixels to be an indication of collision masks I stopped playing, and it's a major reason why I'm not giving this what likely would have been at least 3 stars otherwise.

Keep making games! I can't wait to see what else you make moving forward.

ACatGames responds:

Hey! Sorry for missing you for a few days, I'm working on a new game.
About your review: After I finished the game, I really felt that people would have a serious difficulty with Level 2 of the game, with this, probably more ahead I will make a super update of the game that will fix several bugs and functionalities about the game. This update will take a while to launch because I'm working on a new game right now.
Thank you for your feedback!

-Galactic Penguin

I honestly think this is just trolling. I zoomed in quite close. There is not space sufficient for the character to get through the last slime wall.

I can't believe that you, as the creator, managed to beat this game without a video as proof.

Level 2 rage.

Credits & Info

2.22 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2018
3:53 PM EDT