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Author Comments

Survive keeping it minimal - unseparated

This is a my #GameZanga entry (72 hour game jam) - theme is minimalism.

Music: from playonloop.com

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Fast drop happens too frequently, and a glitch will happen (also frequently) wherein the 'drop point' doesn't change along with the right click, meaning it just keeps hitting the same spot until you lose. A bit too irritating for my liking.

I agree that the "fast drop" event really happens too frequently. It's not that good but it makes the game more thrilling and putting more pressure to the player. Love the music! Also, you should've put even just a tiny tutorial before the actual game. Other than that, it's a neat and clean game that's really unique!

It plays quite a bit like Tetris: blocks fall from the top of the screen and you have to make sure they fall into place. Also like Tetris, it seems simple at first, but there is a surprising amount of nuance to it.

That however, is where the similarities end. Minimalized stands on it's own as a game, combining the idea of falling block games with rotation of the playing field itself and special blocks to spice things up, adding a refreshing spin onto an old genre.

The gameplay is fairly straight-forward. Drop blocks onto other blocks, making sure none become disconnected from the rest. The player can rotate the playing field to make this easier. There are special blocks that can be placed, and these are where the game really shines. The way the player uses them can make or break a run, removing a row here, pushing a row that is too close to the edge, while also being careful to not let anything get disconnected or go off the screen at any point. Sadly it is not possible to see what blocks are coming up so the player can plan accordingly, removing Combined with the rotating mechanics, this adds a lot of complexity to an otherwise simple game.
There is also a "fast drop" event that happens every 30 seconds or so. It does exactly as it says: it causes blocks to drop faster. I am kind of on the fence about this particular mechanic. On the one hand, it can really save the player, since there are never any special blocks, and also requires the player to think ahead to prepare for this. But on the other, it simply occurs too often.
One other thing: While the minimalist nature of the game is very nice, it is also the game's ultimate downfall--there is little replayability. While the game does have a lot of nuances, these are not enough to justify playing the game time and time again, as there are only a few strategies that can be applied.
Still, the gameplay is solid, and different from anything seen in a long time.

The music is pleasant to listen to. Soft, slow, and slightly mysterious, the reverberations and simple notes not only fit the game, but relax the player, allowing them to think clearly. This is very important for a puzzle game like this, where it becomes quickly complex. On certain speakers I could see it getting on a person's nerves after a while, but with headphones or earbuds it is great.

A very good puzzle game. The simple design of it all is a refreshing change from the overly complex nature of many modern puzzle games, and is enjoyable to play while still tickling the player's mind. There are a few problems, but it is still worth playing for the time it remains entertaining.

Don't like how often fast fall occurred, but other than that, I like it.

AbdullahAlsayed responds:

Thanks .. It's jam build ..Didn't do enough testing I agree with you xD

Like chess, this has simple rules that interact with each other well, resulting in strategic thinking. Very nice.

AbdullahAlsayed responds:

Thank yo! I'm really happy that you liked it

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2018
2:12 PM EDT