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Sonic Jumper

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Author Comments

New game! Hope you like it!

Edit DEC 27, 2020: This game is trash.

Controls: Z to jump, arrow keys to move around.

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robertonewgrounds responds:

There are some bugs with this game that I really didn't have time to fix.

I was forced to make this game in a span of three days at a coding camp last summer.

So, sorry?

its good!

robertonewgrounds responds:


I found this in the rhythm section, yet it doesn't have music! I have 2(3?) ideas that might bump this up to a 5 star game!

1)Add music, game get creepy without it in my opinion.
2[?])Right now you can basically fly. I don't know if this is intentional or not, but if it isn't, I have an idea that might fix it. Try variables!
2)If this is a rhythm game, make it an auto-runner if you wanna keep it sorta like what you already have!

Those are just my thoughts, and I hope you at least consider my comment. :)

robertonewgrounds responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

I did try adding music but the program I was using (Stencyl) wouldn't let me add music because I wasn't able to get the proper file format.

I made this game in three days at a coding camp so I can't really change it now either.

I don't know why this was on the rhythm section. I don't choose what goes on these pages. In fact, I'm surprised you were even able to find this game because it is like 6 months old but I hope you still kind of enjoyed it.

Again, thanks for the feedback!

Not a bad start, also this is NOT a rhythm game. This would fit more as a platformer.

There is no music or sound effects so nothing to comment on there.

The gameplay is a bit off or hard at times. Should make a note in the comments that you jump by pressing the Z key. However, the last two levels are just out of nowhere and a sudden jump in difficulty (no pun intended.) You have wind blowing you super fast for the next to last level. Then in the last level (space level which I assume is the last level), there is no way to reset if you mess up. It sends you flying all the way back down to the bottom of the screen with no way to restart other than restarting the whole game itself.

There is only one sprite and it seems to be a sprite of Sonic from the Game Gear game series. Even when he jumps or dies, there is nothing that changes with his sprite. Should work on that if you end up improving on this game in the future. I also noticed in the Orange level, the one roof platform is probably one block size too low since I died trying to jump just underneath it several times.

Overall, seems like you were just testing yourself to see if you can make a decent game. It is not a bad start but I feel there is room for improvement, should look up some platform game design tutorials to help out.

robertonewgrounds responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

This game cured my deprechon and cured every ones canser

robertonewgrounds responds:

:) thanks!

Credits & Info

2.35 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2018
4:38 PM EDT