Buying Weed in Texas | High Stories with Paul Zego

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This is an animated storytelling series focused on people’s craziest, wildest, most unbelievable cannabis-related stories. These epic tales focus on encounters with celebrities, run-ins with the law, and general absurdity derived from ingesting some mind-elevating herbs.

Everyone has a crazy story, and Truth Be Told is the platform to share it with the world in the most fun, engaging way imaginable.

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Chang Wang whatever is definitely the member of a civilian under-cover team. Basically what Southern towns do is they get a group of people (some actual criminals who are working to reduce their sentences) and they task them to work as undercover drug dealers. They do everything a drug dealer would do, but most of all they try to "amp you up", getchu some 'o' dat skunky diesel bruh! U strait to com thru? Shit like that, more you buy into it, more you look like a thug on camera, and eventually they arrest you. In the South, drug dealers are working for the police. So good luck in Texas, but you've moved to the wild west. To them, weed is a scary Spanish drug which kills millions every day. Oh, and you get a 4, well animated, consistent audio, but I think it lacked color. If you only colored the weed in the bag green, I would have given you 4.5, because then it looks like an artistic decision and not like something is missing. I'm going to let you get away with this this time boy!

So first of all, yes I do (who doesn't where you don't face jailtime anyways).
I do and everybody who does will love a good tree story. Don't lie to my face.
Now, I understand and respect anybody who doesn't like weed and anything related to it.

But I really need to emphasize how I just got snapped by the story the second it began. It's so well told, so energetic and pertinent, that i was completely caught for the minute this wee mean lil gold nugget lasts (wait what 4 whole minutes ?!) and burst out laughing more often than through the 10 last "fun" videos I've squandered my time on.
I have to tell you man, KEEP THOSE GOING. It's fuckin hilarious, it's genuinely innovative in some way ( is there already anything like that on the web?) and it's so concisely done it doesn't even need better drawings (because they tell the exact perfect amount of detail there needs to be)

So yeah, keep going, I'll be watching and sharing every single episode of that series, so cheers.

BTW not high rn - on life maybe.


Ah... The golden age of Drunken Peasants.

420th VIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

the golden age a dp