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Monster Girl Chaos: Hollow Apple

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Monsters are losing thier home! Logging is destroying their habitat, and to try and fix it, the monsters must exit the forest and fight back!

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Nice chess game. I love this game. Even if there no nsfw. :D

needed some nsfw action for the girls

Eh, it's alright. Not very tactically oriented, and a lack of explanation is a bit meh. Just as well, there is a glitch wherein you can keep attacking so long as you keep clicking, until the 'animation' ends, racking up loads of damage.

It's a good game, I liked it. It would've been better if there had been some sort of explanation regarding abilities, but it's nothing terrible.

However, I believe that the lack of challenge is indeed a problem: I never felt I was in danger or could've lost a fight. I also didn't like the fact that there wasn't anything like a proper ending. A cutscene or just a couple of pictures a la comic (or even only one!) as a way of telling how this ended would've been nice. It felt incomplete otherwise.

Still good, nonetheless.

Tbh I can't believe people are complaining about no instructions/tutorial. This is a super simple game, and if there was instructions/tutorial it would basically be 'move=move character. attack=attack ~Specials, Dive bomb=increased range, uses up your turn does damage in a 3x3 square area of tiles. Web=bridge over water. Vine pull=Pulls an enemy that is within a few tiles right next to you' and would probably be a waste of storage.

This is an excellent game, and I would highly recommend it to my friends. Keep up the good work!