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My English Grammar Test

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Author Comments

Test and improve your English grammar skills in My English Grammar Test!

Will you make it into TOP20 highscores?

How to play: There will be 2 options shown on the screen, choose the grammatically correct one as fast as possible. Your final score depends on your speed and on the number of mistakes that you make!

Don't like a timed challenge? Try then a practice mode!

Free mobile versions:
iOS: https://apple.co/2MwfVmX
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2ke5wQh

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Played a single round, immediately tied for top score at 939 points.
Not too shabby, if I do say so myself... but I imagine I could do better.

This is pretty good but there are several errors in the test.

"I would not do that if I were him." should be correct. "I would not do that if I were he" should be incorrect.

he = subject / him = object

subject were object - I were him


Also, "dull of hearing" is pretty archaic, "hard of hearing" is what most people say in modern English.

shajby responds:

thank you for your great feedback! This was a bug in the game and new version was just uploaded!

So I tried it out, as a native English speaker, I feel you should get each question looked over by an English teacher. My reason being, from what I have heard based on the grammar there and what I always know to be proper grammar, your questions are half based on which is the least error filled. if you put more time to checking it properly in something like, Grammarly or Microsoft word, you might notice more mistakes.

I enjoyed it. I feel like the game's play button should be more prominent, though. making a version that allows for incremental increases in difficulty would make this into a game that could be marketed more as an educational tool, for young readers, or ESL individuals.

shajby responds:

Hi there, thanks for comment and all your suggestions and ideas! There will be added some more features, but only into mobile versions (for now).

some corrections/suggestions;

question 1 - it would be the scissors ARE broken (not is broken), since scissors are plural. if you were saying 'the pair of scissors', it would be is.

question 4 is a pretty badly phrased sentence, but it would be 'we are poorer than them' or 'we are poorer than they (are)'. without the 'are' at the end the second option doesn't make much sense outside of old English.

question 6 - I don't think 'sought' would be commonly used. It'd probably be 'searched', so 'He searched (far and wide) for his missing friend'/'He searched for his missing friend far and wide'. (the first sentence I put makes more sense/would be more commonly used, I think)

question 11 would probably be better off as 'one should not waste their time' as opposed to 'one's time'. alternatively 'one shouldn't waste time (on)' would work.

It's a good concept, don't get me wrong. Just might need a little bit more checking with other native English speakers.

shajby responds:

Thanks so much for your feedback! It's allright that some sentences don't make sense, because this game is targeted more on people that are starting with English, so some questions are easier and some more difficult. Thanks again for your great comment! (btw those sentences were written by native English speakers, not by me)

Credits & Info

2.98 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2018
8:44 AM EDT