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Seige of Void Castle

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Time to let the side down!

I overused Speakonia's American voice 1 this time around. Oh well. This was done mostly in a 1 day rush as usual. I intended to make it over 3 day but unfortunately I need to find a job and interviews got scheduled on the 3 days I was working on this.

There's no guarantee that the logic in this makes sense. I didn't exactly have time to stop and think considering clockday ends in about an hour

Smeg it, Stop all sounds doesn't work in swivel. Too late to fix it now.

Also, as I forgot to say in the flash, Happy Clock day!

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Not bad.

this was a really good, funny, nicely animated and cool clockday movie!
good job as always, alisters!

the characters were simple, but drawn in your own unique art-style, they had nice face/clock-expressions, while i also liked the scene with the briefing room where the top-clocks discussed the situation about the siege of the Void castle, it was nicely drawn, and the clocktopian map was nicely drawn as well!

furthermore, i really liked that the sky behind the (clocktopian) Void castle was similar to that of newground's main sky in its logos+symbols, which was a really cool detail, imho.
also, i liked that our script/story idea about ''getting the help of radiotube +of his ship'' got used in such a cool way, because that was a great idea, and it worked perfectly!
(its cool that in the story, we've asked for the help of radiotube +of his ship, in order to lift the siege from the occupied clocktopian castle, while trying not too sink it too many times, as its known in the OTB-canon storyline, lol!

some really nice scenes where when they said:

radiot: ''wait, we're in a war?''
bb: -yes.
radiot: against who?
bb: (reads documents) ''local wildlife and fauna.''
radiot: ...what?!

and also:

radiot: how can you possibly lose your castle to animals?!
smeghead: well... *flashback about going outside to get cheap cable TV*
...someone broke our gates!!1

or the scene where radiotube says: ''we've sank our ship many times in the past, but please, do not sink it again!''

and the final scene was perfect, i really loved it!

all in all, your movie was great: good drawings of the clock-characters, nicely drawn face/eye/clock-expressions, nice, smooth animation speed, good backgrounds, it also had subtitles (a great feature to have in a CC movie!), and the whole story+script was really really funny!
(and im proud to have helped you with that, my friend!)

so, this was a good clockday movie, and your skills are getting better and better as you are making more new movies...

good job, alisters!
keep making good flash movies, and stay cool.
happy clockday!

Great movie! happy clockday!!!1 and fived!