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Walk and Talk

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A brief meditation on a variety of loosely connected topics, presented by two well-known scholars of discourse.

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needless to say, the visuals of this movie are amazing as always, as its shown by the great art skills of mr ZL.

the movie starts at a strange point: the two scholars of clocktopia, the charming pear-clock and the brave potato-clock, enter a field of lines in the middle of a blindingly white environment. they talk about life, physics, philosophy and flowers, until potato-clock steps on a troll's foot (triangle-clock), and the troll loses his piggy-bank and gets upset.
this act of defiance surprises pear-clock, but it also makes her love potato-clock even more.
eventually, the two heroes decide to enter on a van and to go through a building in order to escape in the 5th dimension, so that they can complete the next part of their plan: to save clocktopia from a big threat, and to do a scientific discovery.
upon entering the building with their van, the time+space continuum collapses in front of their eyes, and they begin to get nervous.
the van falls outside from the building, and it goes down on a cliff, meaning that this will be a big fall, and it will be definitely lethal for them.
while they are still falling down, they are talking about sexual intercourse and about male reproductive organs. things get heated.
and THEN!... then everything changes drastically.
the final scene is superb, and everything is revealed.

all of the characters are nicely drawn and with great detail, from the pleasant pear-clock, to the cool potato-clock, to the annoying triangle-clock. the long-van of the duo is also nicely drawn as well, and on great detail.
the backgrounds+the building are drawn in a minimalistic way, but still with great linework and with a nice design in general.

as for the story itself, its surreal, its wild, its crazy, yet its nicely presented and full of action+humour.

all i can say is:
great work, sir...
this is a very nice movie.
keep up the good work.

Gorgeous.100% great job all the way. Beautiful debri. perfect time. perfect job. well job done. masterpiece.

Quite possibly the most important discussion on sucking dick of the decade.

the drawing style is awesome! I love that walk cycle in the begin. I lov this! happy clockday, zombie lincoln!

Love this. Great job zl