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BB10 Clock's Sword Quest

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Author Comments

Billiard Ball 10 Clocks Sword Quest, featuring VuvuzelaClock dancing.

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The animation was average, and the art could of been more detailed. There should of been more sword fighting, and not just dancing. Not the worst movie of the day. Happy Clock Day 2018.

Happy Clock Day 2018! Well, nobody celebrates this anymore. Well, nobody comes to this website anymore but me. This was pretty bland. It was just a clock dancing. At least it wasn't completely horrible.

This has the lowest rating of anything for Clock Day 2018. Too bad. Honestly, it's at least not as bad as a lot of other worst submissions. That might just be because there's so few of them. I thought it was a game at first.

Ushnor responds:

I was thinking of making a "Sword Quest II" with interactive dabbing mechanics. Maybe I'll make it later. Look forward to it!

lol!!!1 vuvuzela dance is awesome! 1000000% chance to win a dance contest. Happy clockday

and excellent dance-off between king klaathonar the 3rd VS vuvuzela clock, in a duel that will decide the fate of ukele-clock, who was help prisoner in the mountain of alebor by the evil aforementioned king above.

meanwhile, while all this epic dance-off was taking place in the royal grounds of braclakia, sir BB10-clock was out there, rescuing ukele-clock and trying to find the missing fragment of the ''eternal sword'', a mythical sword which was supposed to give the power of B to whoever would yield it.

but there are many enemies around, and BB10 must hurry up...

excellent movie about the legendary dance-off of the ages, and with some sick moves by sir vuvuzela clock himself...

great stuff, keep up the good work, thor!
happy clockday!

Brilliant animation and silky-smooth voicework. Surprised to see this coming from the "Clock Crew," I would have guessed this was made by an animator from Disney's golden age.

Real talk: Consider ditching the bad company and forming your own studio.