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Clock Day 2018

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the greatest clock movie in history

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Not BAD needs a little improvement Btw why is it rekorder in bandicam? But let’s ignore that also it needs to be longer over all 3 stars

It starts off in the heavens, and then comes down to earth. The animation was fine, but the art needed more color and detail. It could of been longer as well. The Dandicam watermark really hurts the overall quality. Happy Clock Day 2018.

Vote 5 on all movies

Sorry, you can't claim greatest clock move in history without having FrankClock in it. I'll vote 5 anyways.

an excellent tribute to his majesty, king strawberry clock IV of clocktopia, may his noble hand rule us kindly for a thousand years!!1oneone

the top-view of the earth was awesome, starting from a space view, moving onto the atmosphere and then into a bird's eye view, while it slowly descended down into bluestone's location...
now THAT was an impressive intro!

very nice work, very cute clockday movie, and it also used the ''god save the queen'' jokes nicely and in a clever manner.

good stuff, keep up the good work, and have a happy clockday!