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The Pink Room

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I made this in five days JUST FOR YOU!!!!
Happy Clock Day 2018. Here's to like two more at least.

After his scuffle with the law, PhonographClock found himself yet again in the vast deserts of Northern Ontario. After weeks of endless searching, our stout hero finally comes across The Pink Room, a place told only in Emplehian legend and never believed to have actually existed. Legend has it that grand treasures await within the labyrinth maze of pink within, but navigating through is a task easier said than done, as the pink room is known to make anyone who explores it fall victim to their own nightmares.

Luckily, Phonograph cannot dream. Or have nightmares. He is a phonograph they typically do not have those things. He has hands though have you seen his hands.

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I love the sound effects for food and drink. I wish my food and drink did that,

Quality is low, Jokes aren't funny and honestly Pico day is a much better suggestion for the 15th. Clock cartoons were based on a time when animation in your basement wasn't only exsfuckingpsensive, it wasn't technologically enabled... The voices you get from a sound board downloadable from a program similar to AIM messenger, you write what you want it to say and it says it out loud in that robot voice.

I was able to finish maybe 1/2 once the many sessions of masturbation came on I just quit watching... shit is stale son...
I can feel the AIM messenger inside their veins from here @_@

Clock Crew Best in Show Movie of the Year Award for Cinematic Excellence in Filmmakery 2018 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Just wish it went on for forty five more minutes and showed the whole quest.

Good shit where can I get a box of that sweet sweet tendie cereal my man

the pink room is interesting