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Back to Earth

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Author Comments

After news of your involvement with the resistance, you are wanted. Run across rooftops to escape the space station and get back to Earth.


A game by Kentiya
Using royalty-free music by Kevin MacLeod

This game was made in less than 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 42 game jam using the theme "Running out of Space".

The ending is very underwhelming, as I made it in the last few minutes of the jam. I wanted to add a lot more to the gameplay, but clearly I didn't have enough time. :P


— Controls —
[Space] to Jump
[R] to restart when you fall

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I like it! A simple runner that takes the term RUNNING out of SPACE very literally. Good job!

Kentiya responds:

Thank you for playing! :)

I hope you complete this! It's obvious what it's missing. But congrats on your Ludum Dare submission. I hope the limitations for this game help you know what to manage or not in future Ludum Dare games! :D

Kentiya responds:

Yeah I definitely learned a lot this time around. And I look forward to making a full game out of this when I can. Thank you for playing! :D

This wasn't a bad game. It worked, it had music, a story and end goal. What it lacks are the obstacles and such which would've made it better but I understand the time crunch for it. It would be nice if you added some drones behind the the person to at least add some suspense besides just hitting space.

Overall, would be more nice to learn about the story and I would love to see it later in the future.

Kentiya responds:

I had systems coded for obstacles but ran out of time to implement them. I definitely want to take this idea farther and make a full game some time. Thank you for playing! :)

1 star for no bugs. The rest is poor. The background doesn't look like anything space-related, soi misses the theme. The gameplay is too plain.

Kentiya responds:

True, but that's what one weekend of work gave. Thanks for playing! :)

Needs a lot of work to be good. Too Boring

Kentiya responds:

Yes. Thanks for playing! :)