Dussopno (a nightmare)

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[ # this animation is done by computer mouse]

A Nightmare

It's a story about a boy, his nightmare and the start of his ‘love story’. The boy love to draw. He is always serious about drawing. When he draw he care nothing but his drawing and his drawing subject. One day in an open field under the shade of a large tree, he was drawing a sheep. Suddenly a girl (symbol of beauty) appeared from the tree. The boy didn’t notice. He was busy on his artwork. The girl was observing his drawing cause she liked his drawing.
The atmosphere was so peaceful and pleasant that she fall sleepy. Thinking for taking a nap, she tilled on the boy’s back and felled asleep. But the peace was transitory.
Casually a tornado came and destroy the peace. The boy notice the tornado. He was tensed about that sheep. The sheep was gone and the tornado was going to swallow the sheep. He rushed to save the sheep rather he got into a danger. He forget that he tied the sheep and his leg with one rope for the sheep’s safety. That’s why, when the sheep was swallowed, he was pulled into the tornado. He was helpless. He closed his eyes because he didn’t want to see his death. Suddenly he felt that he was grabbed. He opened his eyes. The view was upside down. He saw a girl who saved him and his sheep form the disaster.
The boy fell in an intense feeling of deep affection. In short he fell in love.
Everything became as peaceful and pleasant as before it was. A wind of peace was going on. The sheep was enjoying the grasses. The girl is sleeping on the boy’s back. The boy was drawing but this time the subject was not only the sheep but also the girl and himself. He joked himself by represented himself as a sheep because from the beginning he was drawing a sheep where he had a symbol of beauty (the girl) behind him. He smiled….
As we know happiness is permanent. A new tornado came and this time…..
To be continued.

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I love it, visually very pretty and the story was really cute!

Keep up the good work!! :-)

IqbalHasan responds:

thank you soooooo much!

I am learning.
Soon I hope I will able to gift you guys some more works which may please you.
Only need some good guides....from you guys

Wow! Incredible job!

IqbalHasan responds:

thank you for your awesome support ... :)

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Aug 10, 2018
7:43 AM EDT