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Pixel Map v0.0.1

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Author Comments

Pixel Map is a 100x100 pixel canvas where you are free to create what you desire.

Earlier there was an issue when the game wasn't loading. Just fixed it and the game is loading perfectly. You may have to wait a bit though! :) In v0.0.2 loading will be faster.

move around with WASD or arrow keys
left click to place a block, right click to remove a block

Author's Notes:
Currently there is only a limited amount of blocks but this is just an alpha release. In the future I'm thinking of adding GUI components and different block options as well as camera zoom options.

I'm not planning on making the game big or anything. I'm planning on working on something else that requires map generation so I thought this would be good practice. Especially because I just switched from a limited game engine (Scratch) to a whole new game engine (Unity) and a new programming language (C#).

Feel free to leave your comments down below. I'll take any criticism for my newer projects coming out in the future.

By the way,
Thank you for reading this far. Enjoy a cookie. You earned it.

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Well.... It is rather slow to admit. ^^; but it's interesting that you can create a pixelated thing. I kinda wish there was a way to change colors. and other stuff. as well as "see" what is your coordinates in this tool. as it took me nearly 20 minutes to figure where is tile 0x0
gj! and I am waiting for the true thing.
(I kinda wanna make a pixelated chibi with this. Saaya yamabuki to be exact. >w<)
Edit1: I did find a weird glitch that lets the cursor slide out of the canvas. please fix this up!

SkylarkStudios responds:

Hey. Thanks for your feedback. Check out PixelMap v0.0.2 on my profile page. It's improved and I encountered and fixed some of the bugs you were mentioning. This project was just me testing the waters of tilemaps because I'm planning on releasing a game using tilemaps. I wasn't planning on making this project a big thing. I'm not updating this project as I'm working on some other games. I may come back to this project later but not for now. Sorry about that since you wanted the full version. Either way thanks for your feedback. :)

As you are saying yourself, it does not work. Please don't upload things that does not work to get people doing the debugging for you.

SkylarkStudios responds:

I'm doing the debugging myself and actively trying to fix this issue. It's just I forgot to test it using WebGL before I uploaded. For some reason when I export it to Windows x86 it works but not WebGL.

Credits & Info

2.81 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2018
8:07 PM EDT