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The Kid with the Redcap - Brother's Day Out (full film)

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A fully animated film I completed back in 2017.

Took me about two years to make it while studying animation at Cal State Fullerton. It is based on the actual lives of me and my siblings which I took for inspiration to make comics about ourselves and then eventually an animated cartoon.

Created and Directed by Chris Mejia

Based on the webcomic, The Kid with the Redcap by Chris Mejia and Richard Mejia

Original Music composed by Andrew Wilcox https://soundcloud.com/moonlit-fox

Sound Effects by
Chris Mejia Chuck Grieb FreeSounds.org

Additional Music by
Kevin McLeod

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This animation is pretty good, I personally like the way the characters move.

Now this doesn't mean the animation isn't flawless, and I don't mean the drawings. The music were at times, music I've heard before, and that's not a terrible thing, but when music is overused like one specific track used, it just gets to me. The character's voices are another problem I have with it, around 4 minutes in the characters get unusually loud which is an issue with the quality in my opinion.

Now the characters are pretty badly designed in my opinion. The first and second brother I can get behind, but the third is just awfully structured, the only thing I've been irritated by is his constant saying of the word "What?" it's repetitive and gets annoying quickly, not to mention how brother two can say something quietly, only to have brother 3 jump in sound volume and have me turn down the volume.

Besides my issues with the sound of the animation, the story was slowly paced and hard to really follow due to the low volume of the characters in the beginning, and the plot twist at the end came out of nowhere. Not once in the story is a 4th sibling even mentioned.

I guess the only good thing I can say about this is the animation is really lively and the facial emotions are displayed openly and it's very smooth. I do enjoy the few visual gags that I noticed and most of the characters look original in their own way.

Out of all of this I have to give this animation 3/5

really well made gratz :D hope to see more

redcapkid16 responds:

There's an episode 2 up online on my youtube channel if you want to check it out. I can't post it here due to the second episode having copyrighted music.

this is a really great story and awesome animations with face expression

:) Nice animating.