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Din-o: Jungles and Caves

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Author Comments

It was originally supposed to be a ninja but I saw these cute little dinosaur sprites for free and then said screw it and made it a dinosaur and that's how Din-o was born!

Arrow keys to move or WASD
mash Space to doublejump
M to mute N to unmute
Have to do it every level sorry about that

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Having to restart the entire level every time I died was pretty annoying, mostly because of how slowly the character moves. I don't think regular checkpoints are really necessary, more so just letting me move faster than a leisurely stroll. Getting caught on random parts of the ground wasn't a huge problem, but the game would feel much more finished if that were worked out. Probably the game's strongest point is the double jump, which feels unique, very consistent, and satisfying. The only complaint I have about the jump mechanic is the instructions. "Mash space" is pretty misleading, mashing space will get you as much height as a fast double tap, except you'll also wear out your spacebar. Maybe something more like "The closer the second jump to the first jump, the more height". I think this has potential if you design levels more around the difference in height you can get, for example sections with low-hanging spiked ceilings that force you to use low double jumps? All in all an enjoyable game, looking forward to the sequel!

M to mute and N to unmute... Mash spacebar for double jump... Mash. Spacebar. What? This all feels like you were two-thirds through making this game and then just called it a day. All the gameplay is left it to chance. Even the controls. Especially the controls. Mash the spacebar? For the double jump? Like, "hit spacebar once to jump and just go to f#*@ing town on it for randomly generate how powerful that second jump goes". (Also, you generally only need one button to mute and unmute a game.)

Jumping aside. Just moving isn't that great. Nothing about it feels right. He feels sluggish yet super sensitive at the same time. I never feel I have enough momentum to clear a jump and then I'll try to compensate for it by inching as close as possible to either an edge or a blade and I'll somehow almost always overdo it and walk right into death.

The terrain is bad too. The character can so easily get caught on a random edge running along a seemingly straight, unhindered, path.

I certainly have questions in regards to as why/how a dinosaur can have a double jump disabled (completely disregarding why it has a double jump in the first place), I don't even know how that would be possible with a ninja but these are questions for a more solid and finished game so I'll stay out of that realm for now.

Keep at it, fix the controls: Make double jump work like any other game that has double jump. Fine-tune the levels: maybe skip level three all together because when even you, the creator, describe it as "busy work" then that's just not a level worth being in any game, right?

You obviously have an eye for challenging platformers but this is clearly your first go at it and you need to keep working on it. Don't try and say the sloppy mechanics is to add to the challenge because you and I both know that it's all just a poor excuse. I should be dying constantly because I made the mistakes not because the controls are random and the terrain is incomplete.

I really do look forward to seeing a Din-o 2.0 should you ever do so and I really hope you do.

Glimmace responds:

Thank you for the feedback it means a lot! I'll start working on Din-o 2 when I get more familiar with coding and I'll definitely fix my mistakes from this game. Again thanks a lot!

Needs checkpoints.

Glimmace responds:

There’s no need for checkpoints as the levels are super short there’s a checkpoint on level 3 cause it’s just busy work

Credits & Info

2.86 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2018
3:54 AM EDT