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The future of loneliness

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Well, this is one aspect of what life is going to look like in the future. Robots taking your jobs and making it really hard to find human friends.

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nice movie

oh and with the manager he should've jsut have screamed F*** UR *** B***** OF THIS KNOWN UNIVERSE

dose not feel like brewstew would be better for someone eles just deppresing not helping my life makes me just feel worthless and remember the bad side of everything

The voice acting is ok, mainly because @brewstew is a voice actor. There are multiple problems besides that though. For one, the animation looks dreadful and overall subpar, and the lip syncing is off and lazy. I will agree with @Cyberdevil on that one. And it also has an average art style. Overall, not the best.


O my God.

Sorry guys, i love your other stuff, but this? ... no sir...
I was a waiter and it still did not move me...
But I loved the 6 months later sign :)

Well that was depressing. :/ Very matter-of-fact and easy to follow, though it would've been nice with a bit more fun along the way... it gets the point across though! One thing to improve on: the mouths. They don't always seem to follow the speech as well as they could. Otherwise nicely put together.