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Master Hand Sprite Battle Z (Sprite Show Z3)

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Hey guys! I'm back with my newest sprite animation! I hope you guys enjoy this one. And before you say it's balls to the wall or whatever keep in mind it's more of a filler since I'm working on a bigger animation with Ryu and Ken (so look forward to that). Try to keep the rating decent and follow me for more will ya? (jk love you no homo)

M. Hand: N64Mario
Stage: NeoKamek
Mario: Thunderburt
FX: Capcom


This is for the person that keeps Zero bombing me, you will never get me to stop uploading my art and you should feel bad about yourself considering that you are semi abusing me from the other side of a monitor because you aren't man enough to confront me =)

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Lol good show, the end when Mario just sits kinda confused me though.

This pixelation style really fills me with nostalgia.
Makes me feel like I'm 6 years old again and super nintendo just came out..lol.

Mario should have fought back at the end.
Very nice:)

BlazingFlash97 responds:

Lol I love everything about this response (including the end lol, I felt like I needed to put it out right at that second but no worries, im actually working on a new HD streets of rage animation so look forward to that!)

Why'd Mario just sit there and not move after attacking? Also, about the "Zero bomber" part---I occasionally get things like that happen to me, too, but not on here in particular (yet.) Don't ever let that discourage yaz!

BlazingFlash97 responds:

I will agree it was a bit odd that I didn't make Mario attack (probably because I just wanted the animation over with so I can be finished with it... a bit lazy ik =P) Thanks for acknowledging the zero bombing. I shouldn't make that big of a deal out of it lol.

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3.09 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2018
5:33 PM EDT

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