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Kirby Goes for a Walk (Gone Wrong)

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My first animation. I feel it turned out ok, but i'm glad it's done. It started as a dumb joke and ended with me vowing never to draw kirby again.

Also For the record, I despise the drawing tools in flash. They don't feel satisfying and hurt me hands.


Super Paper Mario- River Twygz bed

Super Smash Bros.- Character Select

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That's pretty spicy my guy 👌

Mama Mia this is a spicy animation!

The thing looks weird. But it works, so, no commentary on the idea.

However, you might need to work on the walkcycle. It looks... broken, to me. Like he isn't walking at all, but... doing, something else. Can't really say what.
There isn't much shading, though it can be because it's daytime, but the perspective could use some work.

Bink-Cartoons responds:

I could have fixed the legs, but I left them that way because it looked weird. Also I got really bored with the project too, so that's another reason.

Funny af